Keeping Your Toddler Away from Harm and Closer to Playtime

Becoming a parent is one of life’s milestones. When you first see your newborn, you will promise yourself to take care of the child no matter what happens. For the first couple of years, you will experience a lot of sacrifices to make sure that your baby is well. But you have to admit, that will not be enough to prepare you when they step into the toddler stage. This is a point in their young lives where they become energetic and lively. They never get exhausted, and keeping up with them is next to impossible.

Your home should be a haven of safety and comfort. Having the right temperature contributes greatly to that, and your air-conditioning system will shoulder that task. Make sure that it is well-maintained for consistent optimum performance. As for safety, here are some things you can implement around your house to keep your toddler safe from harm.

Slippery Floors

Toddlers like to explore their surroundings. They will surprise you often by wandering off without warning. This is the moment when your eyes could not watch them anymore. Knowing that they have wobbly knees and are prone to falling down, you want to make sure that your floors are not too slippery. The easiest remedy to this in most rooms is by putting a large carpet or rug. This gives their feet some extra grip and a thin cushion for them to fall into. It is also something that is not permanent, so you do not have to worry about overhauling or doing any major work on your flooring.

Bathrooms are dangerous places for toddlers to be alone. They usually feature hard and smooth materials for their flooring. You should be vigilant in keeping the doors closed at all times when no one is using it. You don’t want your baby to go in there alone as there is a huge chance they will have a major slip up that could result in injury.


Navigating the stairs can sometimes be difficult even for adults. You always have that worry that you could miss a step or lose your balance halfway, and that could result in a lot of bruises if you tumble down the steps. Imagine how much more dangerous it would be for a toddler to scale that. For their safety, you can install barriers on both ends that will prevent them from accessing a flight of stairs. Expect these to take a beating from the little one, so make sure you get something that is durable to take the abuse. You will have to open and close it whenever you climb up or down the stairs, but that is a worthy tradeoff for your child’s safety.

Power Outlets


Many power outlets around your house are in low places, and these can be reached by your toddlers even when they are crawling around the house. You can buy plastic plugs to cover them up. If you are willing, you can also have them replaced with new ones that have safety features like built-in covers and switches. Anything that can prevent the entry of their wee little fingers should help big time.

Taking care of your toddlers can be very challenging as they can get out of your sight real quick without you noticing. In moments like this, you can only hope that they do not encounter any dangerous obstacles around the house. This is why it is important to minimize the risk by adding some safety precautions. You will be glad that you did this because it will minimize the chances of your child being hurt when they wander off somewhere.

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