Four Ways of Maximizing Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have gained the attention of many so much so that Forbes called 2020 “The Year of the ADUs”. ADUs are those little houses other than the main house of the lot. They can be guesthouses, granny flats, pool homes, etc.

These little structures can be found in the backyard as a completely separate part of the house. In other homes, they can be the units on top of the garage or an apartment hidden in the basement.

While they are most commonly used as an apartment or a home for family members, ADUs are quite useful. Even though they’re small, they can be converted into different living spaces to suit the needs of the homeowners. ADUs can be a studio, a home office, or a personal gym. This is why companies such as Classic Cabins help you invest in this part of the house to ensure that it suits your personal taste and needs without compromising the quality build.

An Apartment

Homeowners with ADUs usually rent it out as an apartment for lower-income individuals. In Oregon, 75 percent of homeowners rent out their ADU with an average rate of $850 and an area of 668 sq. ft. Additionally, the amnesty program in Barnstable, Massachusetts requires homeowners to rent out their ADUs to people with lower to the median income

Turning the ADU into an apartment could also be another source of income for the homeowners, but ADUs could still be subject to regulation. Even then, it’s a good solution for people finding ways to afford a roof over their heads.

A Studio

Having a studio at home is one way of having your hobby closer to you. While some hobbies require going to the great outdoors, other hobbies—especially artistic ones—are doable in the comfort of your home.

Artistic hobbies can get messy, though. Think about the paint splatters on the floor or merely storing different colors of paint and types of brushes. Canvases can be huge, too, and the house may not have a place them, especially if there are kids running around or frequent guests. Performance art requires a different space as well, and it often needs an empty and spacious room.

By converting the ADU into a studio, you can peacefully fuel your hobbies while eliminating travel time and bothering family members. You can move all your stuff into the studio or have an expert design and organize it for you.

A Home Office

As remote work gains traction and becomes the “new normal,” working from home (WFH) has its fair share of inconveniences for employees. For example, WFH has blurred the line between home life and professional life, as employees can no longer tell when work ends and personal life starts. Another problem is the presence of so many distractions–such as chores, family responsibilities, and the TV–at home.

This is where the home office becomes a lifesaver. By setting up a separate space for work, you’re physically separating home life and work-life. You’ll also be far from your bed, the couch, and the TV, so there will be no temptations. Family members will also refrain from disturbing you because they know you’re working.

As a result, a home office will increase your productivity, so transfer that office table and chair to the ADU and bring everything that you need for work. You can also decorate it to make it cozier and more professional, like letting the natural light in or setting up a corkboard.

A Private Gym


Having a personal gym at home can help you reach your fitness goals without distractions. It eliminates the chances of being stuck in traffic while you’re heading to the gym. You might also lose your motivation on the way there, so you decide to drop by somewhere nearer instead or take a detour and go home.

Another advantage of a home gym is that you won’t be sharing equipment with other people. This means that you won’t be encountering other sweaty people who don’t wipe the equipment after use. Owning your own gym would also mean that you can guarantee that the equipment is clean and disinfected.

Because the world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic, gyms have a lot of potential for transmitting the virus. If you have the extra bucks to turn your ADU into a personal gym at home, it would be a good investment for your health and well-being.

Not only are ADUs a good solution for low-cost housing, but they are also a versatile space to have at home. With all these personal spaces, your life at home will become more convenient as important amenities are within your reach.

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