How To Create An Effective Focal Point In Your Living Room

Your living room should have a focal point. It is the star that draws the attention of everyone when they enter the room. The concept of the interior design is built around the focal point to create fluidity and coherence.

It is essential to choose a focal point that will enhance the aesthetics and mood of your living room. From a gallery wall to playing up your vinyl windows, here are some focal point ideas you can adapt to your home.

Create A Unique Wall Gallery

An eye-catching wall gallery is one of the easiest ways to put up a focal point. The wall should be visible from the main entrance to create an impact. Paint the wall in black or dark gray. You can play with the framed arts to hang. Choose paintings and photographs that showcase your personality and your taste. Your focal point should not only impress your guests, but it should also please you as well.

Here are some wall gallery ideas that you can adapt to your home.

  • Painted ceramic plates
  • Framed family photos
  • Framed travel photos
  • Mismatched framed arts

Play Up Your Windows

Windows, especially those that offer lovely outdoor views, can make the best focal point. The eyes of anyone going in your home will instantly go to your vinyl windows. Play it up by framing your vinyl windows with the right curtains. If you want to maximize the natural light coming in, you can use sheer curtains. Sheer curtains also create a light, open, and airy feel.

You can also use furniture to guide the eyes towards your windows. Arrange your seating area at the base of the window. Complement the light and airy feel of the windows with a dark and solid-colored couch. Another option is to frame the window with two colorful chairs. You can add a coffee table so you can have a great view when you have coffee in the mornings.

Placing beautifully potted plants around your windows can also add to the natural feel of your living room, while again, drawing the eyes to your main focal point.

Bring Nature Inside

Bring in some potted plants or a collection of smaller potted plants in your living room. The key is to choose the perfect plant for your interiors, as well as choosing the right placement. Place your plants by the window to absorb sunlight and to let the natural light enhance their natural beauty. Choose plants that are suitable for indoor growing so they will be thriving and healthy.

Show Off Your Book Collection

Book lovers celebrate! You can make your most prized book collection as the focal point of your living room, as it should be. The living room is the perfect place to showcase your book collection. Bookshelves are an inexpensive addition to your living room. Put it against an empty wall, ideally where the eyes will be drawn when you enter the room.

On your open shelves, put your prized book collection. However, avoid filling it with too many books. Use 2/3 of one level for books, and 1/3 for a decorative item. This is not the place for your mass-market paperbacks. Bring out those lovey hardbacks and special editions instead.

Avoid overcrowding your shelves. Some breathing space will be more pleasing to the eye. You do not want to make your focal point too cluttered. You can put a reading nook at the corner to make it look more cozy and relaxing.

Add Some Light Fixtures

luxury living room

If you are lucky to have a high ceiling in your living room, you can use unique hanging light fixtures as your focal point. Pendant lights instantly draw the eyes upward, emphasizing the spaciousness of the room.

Hang the pendant light low so that it is in a perfect and comfortable height to catch the eyes of your guests. Placed too up high, and your guests will not even notice them.

Dress Up Your Fireplace

Your fireplace can be a perfect focal point. Dress it up and arrange your furniture around it. You can hang a statement artwork above it to draw more attention to it. You can also paint the mantle with an attractive and bold color to make it stand out. Another option is to make use of the mantle space and fill it with decorative and unique items. A textured wall around your fireplace can also bring the eyes toward it.

Go Bold With Wallpapers

If the room lacks fixtures that are potential focal points, then transform a drab wall with a bold and attractive wallpaper. It is an inexpensive method that will not be too much on your pockets. Add a mirror or a large statement art piece to create a more dramatic impact.

When choosing a focal point, take advantage of the best qualities of your living room. Of course, choose a focal point that you will also enjoy looking at.

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