How Much Should You Spend on Boiler Repairs in Provo?

The average rate for a professional boiler repair in Provo, Utah, cost from $50 to more than $3,000. Minor repairs will cost within the low-end of the typical price range, while extensive problems will require you to spend more or even consider a replacement.

If the cost of repair is more than 50% of the price for a new unit, then replacing it seems to be the better option. Most homeowners in Provo spend almost $420 to replace their boilers. Some people may spend more than $800 to install a new boiler, while others pay only $96 for a replacement. These prices don’t include the cost of installation and materials.

What Are the Common Problems?

Some of the common problems for boilers involve incorrect or poor heat production, unusually high energy consumption, and water and gas leaks. Poor heat production may cost between $140 and $250 to repair if you hire a professional. DIY repairs cost at least $10, but most homeowners don’t have extensive knowledge to pull this off.

In case of increases energy consumption, the cost of hiring a professional isn’t too different from a DIY repair. You’ll spend at least $150 to fix the problem by yourself. Add another $100 and you can hire a plumber to do it for you. Professional service will be the better choice despite the higher cost on your part. A faulty circulator, ductwork and radiator can be the likely causes for excessive energy use, so it’ll take an expert to determine the root cause.

The minimum average price for repairing leaks is almost the same whether or not you hire a professional. A plumber may charge at least $200 to fix broken circulators, pipes and valves. DIY repair will cost $140 for the same problem.

Repair Fees Per Type

The cost of boiler repairs also depends on the type of unit. Gas-powered boilers will cost between $100 and $400 on average to fix, while typical repairs for electric ones range from $200 to $400. Oil-fired units are more common in rural areas. If you have one and it’s broken, prepare to spend up to $500 for repairs.

When Replacement is Necessary

person repairing a boiler

A boiler needs to be replaced when some of its parts are no longer fit for repair. The expansion tank is an example. If the leak pressure valve is too damaged, the plumber may recommend a replacement instead of fixing it.

Annual Maintenance

You should schedule an annual maintenance and inspection for your boiler—no matter what kind you use at home. It’s best to contact a plumber or HVAC professional after the winter to check on your unit.

Look for at least three contractors in your area to compare rates. Those who hire a general contractor should expect to pay at least $50 for additional fees. Take note that quotes may not include fees for permits, inspection and sales taxes. The same applies to other repairs for parts such as the radiator, which will require a separate payment.

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