Filing for Child Support Claim: What You Need to Know

Making a child support claim is a lot to take in. It can be a complex process that involves many things. That is why many people would find the whole thing confusing, stressful and complicated. This is true, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Oftentimes, parents don’t fully understand what this is all about, which is why most of them end up making a decision they’ll regret. 

Luckily, there are ways to keep the worst from happening. One great way to do that is to learn the basic steps of the child support process. To give you an idea, here are some things you have to know:

Secure a Copy of the Forms You’ll Need

To start, one of the things you have to do is to get a complete copy of forms for your claim. You may download them online or get them in person at any Probate and Family court. Additionally, you have the option to request the Department of Revenue to file it for you. This option is given to couples who separated on terms. This steps would help them protect their privacy and safety.

Serve the Claim by Opening the Case

Once you have the forms, be sure to fill them out correctly. The next on your to-do list would be submitting the forms and opening a case. This would allow the court to release domestic relations summons. Through this step, you’ll be able to request the presence of the other party.

Confirm the Proof of Service

Ensuring the presence of every party is an essential step to this court process. That is why it’s important that you get proof of service for the summon request. This way, you can confirm that the request has been delivered safely to the other party. The sheriff would serve the documents, so you need not worry about doing things on your own.

Child Support Claim

Have Proof of Parent-Child Relationship

This is the trickiest step in this process. In any child support case in Santa Fe, NM, or other locations, you have to clearly establish your maternal or paternal relationship with the child. Without this, it will be difficult to request any claim. It’s best to seek the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in this area. You could present a birth certificate as evidence or other documents. Just make sure these could prove the parent-child relationship.

Get a Court Order for the Hearing

Though most counties in the country do it, it’s better to do it early on. This is to ensure that the court would come up with a decision as soon as possible. The earlier you request for a court order, the quicker you can get the payment or claims. The specifics of the claim would be discussed further. However, it’s better to have things ironed out so that you can get the money you need in raising the child.

This is just a summary of the steps you need to take when filing for a child support claim. May these things give you a better understanding of how you should handle everything. It’s important that you make yourself aware of these to avoid committing grave mistakes. This will also allow you to get the money you need to support your children as they grow.

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