How Do Roofs Break?

You must take proper care of your brand new roof if you want it to last through the decades as it should. There are many different reasons your roof might deteriorate, and knowing them can help you prevent this from happening. So, why exactly does a roof deteriorate?

Lack of Care

One of the reasons roofs fall apart is the lack of care. Whether you live in a storm-prone area like New Orleans or a hurricane-safe city like Orlando, having a new roof installed doesn’t mean you never have to think about it again. A lot of maintenance is involved when it comes to your home, including your roof.

For example, you need to have a yearly inspection to detect roof problems before they get worse. This inspection will identify any current or potential issues that you may have to deal with, keeping you from having roof leaks and various other problems, such as missing shingles and the like.

Also, you must remember to clean your gutters regularly. Brush any debris off your roof when possible. Doing this will prevent moisture and mold growth.

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Another thing that can play a role in your roof’s early deterioration is the climate in your area of residence. Roofers agree that if temperatures in your residential area vary greatly and frequently, the chances of you facing problems with your roof increase. The constant fluctuation in ambient temperature will cost the materials in your roof to contract and expand frequently, causing them to break down over time.

To help mitigate such damages, inquire with roofing services about materials you can use and practices you can follow to make your roof more robust so that it can withstand the climate in your area.


Like climate, extreme weather conditions in your area can also cause problems for your roof. For example, if you experience many hurricanes each year, you’ll find that you’re going to have to repair your roof more frequently. If you find that your house always experiences snowstorms, then your roof will also suffer.

Flaws in Installation

It is critical that when you get your new roof installed, you must get it done correctly. Problematic installations can immediately cause your roof to degrade and break down much earlier than it usually would. When this happens, you’ll be left wishing that you went with a more trustworthy and reliable company for your roofing needs.

Choose your contractor wisely. Make sure to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Or, scour information and customer reviews online to pick a reliable company to repair or replace your roof.

Regardless of why your roof might be degrading, you have to remember to get it repaired as quickly as you can. Otherwise, that small problem will continue to grow, and you’ll be left footing the bill. In any situation, prevention is better than cure. So make sure you keep your roof as clean and well-maintained as possible. And always choose a reliable roofer to help address any roofing issues you may have.

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