Essential Businesses that Can Thrive During a Crisis

The latest coronavirus pandemic has shut down many businesses, big and small. Many opted to go with remote working arrangements and limited operating hours. This affected not only the employees who might not get paid because they’re not rendering any service, but also the business owners who rely on the daily flow of customers. But while many of the traditional businesses are reeling, there are still several companies that thrive amidst the chaos that has gripped the whole world. These are businesses that provide essential services during crises, which, along with other government offices, are vital in keeping everything running and functioning. Here are some examples.


How would everyone survive if there’s no one to provide the most basic of needs? Canned goods, fresh produce, bottled beverages toiletries, medicines–these are just some items that we can’t live without, and we all have access to them thanks to the groceries that remain open during these trying times. If you’re looking to invest in a business after this pandemic is over, consider opening a grocery of your own. Even the smallest of groceries would be able to serve many people. You do have to worry about your suppliers and the logistics of getting your fresh goods in a timely manner. Still, it’s a business endeavor that won’t be easily stopped even when every big business is at a standstill.

Cleaning Services

cleaning services

The spread of coronavirus is a legitimate health hazard, that’s why measures of cleaning spaces and surfaces are left to the professionals. They’re everywhere now, from outdoor misting of streets, parks, and sidewalks, to indoor disinfection of offices. This is a good time to consider various janitorial franchise opportunities and see if it’s a business that can be your investment. One important aspect that you really need to consider though is manpower, as the cleaning professionals are considered front liners in this battle against disease-causing viruses like the COVID-19. You need to have trained, healthy, and willing employees if you still want to operate during these times. Now, since you’re getting a franchise, training and education would be provided by the franchisee, so you’ll have a bigger chance to succeed compared to those who started the business on their own.

Delivery Services

Almost every country in the world has imposed measures to contain the spread of disease, including home quarantine. This means everyone is cooped up at their homes, with no way to leave their house to enjoy a meal at their favorite food joint. Fortunately, there are many delivery services available nowadays, all you need to do is download a delivery service application, place your order, and wait for the food at your doorstep. You pay a bit more compared to dining in or taking out food on your own, but it’s a small price to pay to enjoy a good meal without leaving your home. If you’re considering this as a future business, be sure to find a good platform or application that can host your business, as it is the backbone of your food delivery service.

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