Here are Ways to Reduce Office Noise

A business’ workforce is its heart and soul, and without it, a company is unable to reach its objectives and serve its customers. Employees that are unproductive will hurt your company’s bottom line. Many factors can cause poor performance; some of these include poor acoustics and noise.

Experts from a Singapore-based interior design firm cite the following ways to improve your office’s acoustics.

Have a Dedicated Noisy Space

Noise can concentrate on one area and spread to the rest of the office. This is true for open offices with little to no partitions. In such cases, it is essential to have a dedicated space for brainstorming, meetings, training sessions and breaks.

When you have one, the noise made by some employees will not distract everyone else.

Separate IT Equipment

The sound made by printers and computers adds to the noise. Put some IT equipment in another accessible room. By isolating them, you reduce the noise heard by your employees. The quieter environment improves their productivity and enables them to focus on their tasks.

Put Plants around the Office

Plants are a plus for offices because of the benefits they bring. They add life to a plain wall or room, clean the air, improve creativity and help reduce stress. They are also capable of absorbing noise generated in your office. Identify noisy spots and put plants in them; these can come in pots or hanging ferns.

Create White Noise

It may seem counterintuitive to make more noise to reduce it. However, you need to distinguish between noise pollution and white noise. The latter has a positive effect on productivity and your employees. This can come in the form of ambient or soothing music, and some also use nature sounds such as running water, rivers, waterfalls, rustling leaves and others.

These allow you to drown out conversations and improve the work environment. These types of sounds create a relaxing ambience that helps your employees to concentrate.

Office partitionUse Wall Panels

Install wall panels to reduce noise in the office. These not only have a functional use but also have an aesthetic one. It improves the appearance of a room and gives it a modern look. Choose among a variety of panels and designs for the workplace.

These can come in wood wool, mass, fabric and others. The different looks may blend well with your interior design.

Ceiling Panels for Noise Reduction

In principle, ceiling panels work like their wall counterparts; they absorb sound. These reduce noise in different parts of your office. You can hang them in creative ways to give a space a unique look. These also come in various designs that bring out the best in your workplace.

Better Insulation

Insulation may cost a lot but is an effective alternative to reduce noise pollution. Its material absorbs sound and creates a quiet and soundproof environment for your employees. It is better to install insulation during renovation or just before you enter a new office.

These are some of the ways to reduce office noise. These design ideas allow you to create the ideal working environment for a productive workforce.

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