Grand Lake Fishing: Pontoon Boats on the Rise

The Grand Lake in Oklahoma is considered as one of the best lakes for fishing, whether for bass, catfish, paddlefish, or crappie. The lake has more than 45,000 acres of water and 1,300 miles of shoreline. There is ample room to fish for everyone. However, bass fishing boats are slowly getting replaced by customized pontoon boats, and the reasons are numerous.

Fewer Bumps and More Comfort

Most new residents living near the Grand Lake are families. Getting kids into fishing is easier if they’re comfortable. Fishing boats might be faster, but the ride is bumpier and more tiring, and unless you’re a serious competitor, you don’t need that much speed anyway. If your goal is just a relaxing day of fishing, pontoon boats should do the trick.

Aside from the smoother ride, boat dealers can customize your boat for maximum comfort. Roofing for hot days and UV protection, barbeque grills for trips with friends, portable toilets for longer trips — a pontoon has the space for whatever addition you can come up with.

Entertaining Family and Friends

A boat that’s not being used is just an expensive piece of ornament. If you are only using your boat a few times a year, you’re better off just renting one. A pontoon boat gives you your money’s worth. It’s not just a fishing boat; it’s a mobile entertainment platform. Make your weekends a little more interesting by spending it on the lake.

Be a little adventurous and take your boat out for wakeboarding or tubing; your kids will love it, especially if they can bring their friends along. Have a barbecue with colleagues or neighbors. A calming day on the lake with beer or wine can break the ice and spark meaningful conversations. Most pontoons can accommodate 8-10 people, so you have enough space to bring the whole gang.

You Can Still Have a Serious Fishing Boat

boat on repair in dry dock

If fishing is still your top priority, you can easily customize your boat for fishing. Opt for a tri-toon or a 3-hulled pontoon boat. The extra hull allows a tri-toon to rest higher on the water, reaching speeds of 30-35 miles per hour. It might not be as fast as fishing boats, but you’ll be able to take more of your friends out for fishing. Customize your raft with a couple of livewells for storing fish, corner seats, and slots and holders for your fishing rods.

Add a cooler so you and your buddies can enjoy a beer or two as you wait for the fish to bite. More serious fishermen can add depth finders and fishfinders to their boats if they want to be a bit more competitive. Fishing pontoons might have more modifications directed to fishing, but you can still take them out for relaxing afternoons with the family or fun weekends with the kids.

Pontoon boats are more than just fishing boats. You to customize them however you wish, making them as comfortable and entertaining as possible. Fishing trips or lake parties — a pontoon boat will have you covered.

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