Explore New Zealand in Style and Comfort

New Zealand is a wondrous place filled with the majesty of nature. Exploring the land can be a great adventure, but not many people have the grit to camp out for long periods. However, you can enjoy extended trips outdoors while still having most of the comforts of home with camper vans or motorhomes.

Safely Enjoy Nature

Camping outside exposes you to the elements, wild animals, and insects. A secure shelter won’t just keep you comfortable; it will also keep you safe. Drive to a camping ground or an open park, do a bit of hiking and exploring, and return to your motorhome before it turns dark. Having a mobile shelter allows you to rest whenever you need to and get going at any time you decide. A campervan or motorhome also gives you access to a stove to cook with and clean water through storage tanks or water filtration systems.

A small backpack won’t hold every possible item you’ll need in case of emergencies, but a motorhome has enough space to house a mobile clinic (if you so choose). Supplies won’t be a problem (as long as you’ve stocked up), so you can take longer trips and stay outdoors for longer periods. Mobility also makes your journey a little bit safer. You can immediately head to a hospital in case of emergencies or move to a safer spot when storm warnings are issued.

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Keep the Waterways Clean

New Zealand’s waterways are in dire shape, and campers that do their business in the wild are partly to blame. Runoffs from biological waste eventually reach the waterways, enriching the water with nitrogen that promotes the growth of algae. The majority of the country’s rivers and lakes are already unswimmable, and the government estimates it would take decades before they can be restored to their normal states. A motorhome allows you to use the toilet without polluting the waterways. Camping grounds will usually have dumping stations to handle and treat waste, ensuring they don’t reach the rivers.

Power and Water

The two main issues that can cut your trip short is the lack of energy and water. You’ll quickly burn through your extra batteries, even with just the lights and modem. Solar energy can solve the problem, and the price of solar panels is at all-time lows. With only 2 100-watt solar panels on your motorhome’s rooftop (costing around $200-$300), you can power a refrigerator, a TV, the modem, and charge your phones and laptops all at the same time!

Water is a bigger problem. While camping grounds will usually provide access to tap water, your supply will be limited to what in your motorhome or camper van if you go further into the wilderness. Of course, 2-3 days won’t be an issue, but longer stays will require access to a water source.

Camper vans and motorhomes are a great way to get away from the city and explore the wonders of nature. Stay outside for more extended periods knowing that safety and comfort are just a stone’s throw away.

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