Four Reasons Your Hardwood Flooring Is Losing Its Shine

A large part of your home’s beauty and aesthetics can be attributed to the type of flooring that you use. This is because the floor is a very large part of your house. And if you want to give your home a truly striking appeal, you may want to use hardwood flooring.

For one, it is beautiful. The rustic charm of the wood can make your home look classy, regardless of the theme. It can suit Scandinavian, Japanese, and contemporary designs. Hardwood is also durable. With proper care, it can last a long time. Given these factors, additional value can be given to your home.

However, you may notice that the wooden floor is starting to lose its shine and appeal. You know that it does not happen overnight. But what could be the reason? Here are some things that affect the shine and beauty of wooden flooring.

The Sunlight

You may like to bask in the natural glory of the sunlight. But you may need to think things twice. Sunlight is actually one of the culprits for your hardwood flooring’s losing shine. The sun’s ultraviolet rays have some levels of radiation. This factor is what breaks down the composition of colors in your hardwood flooring’s gloss. Try to notice this by checking out the exposed part of your floor compared to the ones hidden. You can reduce the effect of the sun on your flooring through home window tinting from Salt Lake City.

The Heat

hardwood flooring

While in the subject of the sun, you may want to keep in mind that the heat also has bad effects on the quality of your hardwood flooring. Some flooring experts note that the heat bakes the wooden components of floors. The same heat also affects the color, which results in fading. You can see the same thing on other wooden components of your home — from windows to doors.

Your Carpet and Furniture

They may not directly affect the color of your hardwood flooring, but they may be able to create some damage, which may cause it to lose its shine. Dirt and small solids under the carpet, such as pebbles and dust, may get rubbed against the floor, scraping the top layers. If you drag around your furniture, your floor will certainly be scraped, too.

Cleaning It the Wrong Way

You may be too diligent when it comes to cleaning the hardwood floor. But are you using the right cleaning agents? Be wary when it comes to this aspect, as some floor cleaners might have chemicals and harsh ingredients that may alter and damage the shine of your floor.

Hardwood flooring is an interesting addition to your home. It gives your home a polished appeal, and it can even suit different themes and aesthetic tastes. What’s best about hardwood flooring is that it can last a very long time, especially if you take care of it. Thankfully, there are some ways you can actually keep it from fading and losing its shine. Basically, do not let them be exposed to sunlight.

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