A Quick Guide to Finding Oil in Your Property

Oil is the biggest resource that makes the world go round. Countries have fought over such resources, and oil-rich countries saw their economy boom only because they have oil in their lands.

Do you think your Sooner State property has some of that liquid gold? Then get the best oil tools Oklahoma can offer and start digging right away! Not making the most out of the earning opportunities you have is robbing yourself and your family of significant earnings.

If you don’t know whether your property has oil in it, here are some steps you can take to find out.

Do an eye test

If you think your property has oil in it, you’re likely right. You wouldn’t make that suspicion just because you want to make a quick buck, would you?

The easiest way to find out if your land has oil is to look at the surface. Usually, oil eventually seeps out to the surface, allowing people to collect it and use it. That’s the easiest and non-intrusive way you can know that there’s oil in your property.

Once you find the seepage, set your tools up, and extract that fuel.

Get the services of a trusted geologist

Most of the time, landowners will talk to a reputable geologist to find out if their land has any oil deposits. These experts have sufficient experience and knowledge to figure out if your property has any of that expensive black nectar of the earth.

The geologist will then do tests and inspect the rocks in your property for any presence of hydrocarbons below the ground. They will also implement other relevant tests to help you find out if there is oil in your property.

One such test they could do in order to figure out if your land has oil is via seismic surveys. It’s a test to have an estimate of the composition of the land underneath. It will send waves through the ground, and geophones will be set up to receive any waves that come back up.

Of course, you can try to do that yourself. However, you may be making the wrong calls if you don’t exactly know what you’re doing. It’s best to leave some of the work to the professionals.

Have your property drilled for oil

Once the scientists have confirmed to have found oil on your land, it’s time to start digging for oil. Set up the oil extraction tools yourself and dig deep into your land to get the oil. It will take a lot of effort if you choose to do it yourself.

Another option you can take is to talk to a company that’s specialized in oil extraction to do the dirty work for you. Of course, they will most likely earn the most from the process, but they’ll share with you the royalties for allowing them to farm the oil on your property.

Oil rig


Oil location and extraction is a tricky business that will take a lot of time and effort from everyone involved. It needs a lot of effort and fieldwork just to find out if a property has the precious liquid. However, the rewards will be worth the sweat if there’s a huge reserve in your land.

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