Enhancing Outdoor Security for Businesses

At least 6% of crimes reported to the police in Australia are burglary-related. Another 5% are related to vandalism. One American report also goes on to show that 10% of property crimes take place in a garage or parking lot. And commercial areas are notorious for pocket pickings and purse snatchings. So you need to secure your business premises. Most people remember to do the former and forget all about the latter.

There are things you can do to improve security outside your business place. These include:

1. Light up dark spaces

There is a reason that more crimes tend to take place at night rather than during the day. Darkness offers a cover for people to do evil things with less detection. And that is why dark spaces around your business should worry you.

You need to light up all the dark spaces. Install industrial outdoor LED floodlights in vast areas where there is darkness. You can also install lamp posts for your walkways and outdoor wall lights for your entryways and exits.

Where possible, consider using motion sensor lights, which can light up when triggered by movement. They can be a better option if you are worried about the energy costs of keeping your business place lit.

2. Install alarms

According to an FBI report, 60% of burglars would choose another target if the one they decide to attack had an alarm. No burglar, robber, or vandal wants attention when they are in the process of destroying property or stealing. They don’t want to get caught.

For this reason, you will be wise to install a security alarm that issues a signal when unauthorized people breach your business beyond the required point. There are even silent alarms that your local police or guards could be aware of. And when they spot the set signal, they can simply show up and catch the thieves in the act.

3. Install CCTV cameras


Most criminals do their best to avoid detection. And that’s why CCTV cameras are essential. Criminals that were considering robbing your business can end up changing their minds when they spot CCTV cameras on the outside areas of your business. You can install these wherever you think they are needed including along the fences surrounding your business. They tend to act as a deterrent. And even when criminals end up breaching your offices, the police are more likely to find them because the cameras can make identification easier.

4. Deploy guards

Think about partnering with a security company and deploying guards to man your business place. Guards can serve as a deterrent. And they are also responsible for recording who goes in and comes out of your business offices. That makes the identification of criminal suspects easier. Hired security officers will not only keep away undesired people from getting into your business, but they can also forcefully escort out troublesome characters.

The security of your staff and customers is essential. And the best way to safeguard them is to secure your business – both on the outside and the inside. So invest in people and equipment that will deter criminals and make identification of criminal elements easier. This will go a long way in enhancing safety for everyone who comes into your business.

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