Chic Upgrade Ideas for Your Home

If you live in Salt Lake City or in neighboring regions of Utah, you are likely to have beautiful views of the mountains. At the same time, the hot summers and cold winters make maintenance of your home exterior crucial. If you would like to give your house an upscale, resort-like feel, here are some ways to achieve that look without going over budget.

Choosing the right color scheme

One of the most important things that make a home look luxurious or upscale is the color scheme. Go for something light and muted, such as various shades of white or pastel. Draw inspiration from your environment, such as a shade of ash inspired by the snowy peaks of the Wasatch Range. If you wish to add color, add a bold color to one aspect of the exterior, such as the door or stoops. Avoid colors that are in-your-face, such as yellow, pink, or green. They lend themselves to more of a rustic vibe rather than a stylish one. In a similar vein, try not to add too many decorative ornamentals to your front garden.

Invest in one statement piece

The best way to make a house look fancy is to add one expensive, statement piece that draws and holds all the attention. For the Utah climate, get a high-end door as it will be both functional and essential for all kinds of weather. The front door is often the first thing that people notice when they visit your house, so it is important to maintain your front door. A good-quality door made of solid wood with a glass insert is an ideal look to go for. To amp up the look, you can add inlays to the door. If solid wood is out of budget, fiberglass can also achieve the same look. If replacing the front door is out of the budget, consider giving it a paint job.

girl drawing the curtains

Dress up your windows

Since the windows frame the house and can make a large impact if made of poor quality, make sure that your windows are well taken care of. You can add automatic blinds or statement curtains. You can also repaint the windows to make them look elegant. Natural light will also help achieve the upscale effect, so consider installing a skylight if it is within your budget.

Do away with clutter

The most important factor that makes a house look expensive and well-managed is if it is kept free of clutter. Opt for a minimal look. You can buy good-quality furniture for a cheap price if you look for good deals or hunt antique dealers. Instead of adding too many small pieces that serve only to distract, keep the focus on a set of couches and a solid centerpiece made of a classic material, such as stone, marble, or concrete, for a modern industrial look. It is better to opt for exposed, polished floors rather than low-quality carpeting.

You don’t need to pour money into your house to make it look good. It only takes planning and care. Every little change you make to your home can complement these big changes and upgrade your house substantially.

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