Babysitter Etiquette: What You Should Do When Calling on One

Taking care of kids can be a challenge, but it’s part of what makes the parent’s life exciting. But sometimes, you and your spouse need to get some time away from them, and this moment is when you call on the babysitter. Aside from choosing them carefully from the start, it will also help you to keep the following essential pointers in mind when you hire one.

Give a Definite Time Frame

When you hire a babysitter, you need to give them a time when you’ll be back and stick to it. You’re likely paying them by the hour, so if you want to economize, you need to put a limit on your time. Also, they may have appointments other than their gig with you, so it is best to give a definite hour. You can have fun at the bar and grill you visit, but be sure to check the time.

Set Rules and Guidelines

Your babysitter may be good at taking care of children, but they don’t know anything about your house rules and your kids’ preferences. You should provide them with a list of these in writing, so they’ll be able to look at it and read it for reference. Also, don’t forget to include any allergies that your children have. Prepare any special medical care that they need for their illnesses if there are any. Doing this will help prepare your babysitter for the rest of their time on the job.

Don’t Surprise Them


Speaking of guidelines, you should tell your babysitter of any other unique details that they should know. Maybe the neighbors are going to be celebrating something and will make a lot of noise, or you have services in your home that don’t work. Always notify them of things in advance.  Also, don’t surprise them with sudden changes in your schedule at the last minute, and don’t take advantage of their presence in taking care of kids that aren’t yours, as in the case of relatives and other visitors.

Compensate Them Fairly

They may just be a college student working part-time, but your babysitter would still need to be paid a decent wage. If they’re going to be working for longer, then you need to pay more. If they’re going to take care of more kids, then you also need to pay more. Also, make sure that they and the kids will have decent food to eat, either in the form of a full pantry or funds for ordering from outside. Also, if they need to go home at a very late hour, then you should also provide for secure transportation.

You need to keep in mind that your babysitter is a human being. They have their own lives, and they need to be respected for the work that they do for you. Treating them decently will improve your working relationship and encourage them to stick with you. The next time you go out, you’ll have someone you can trust to take care of the kids.

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