5 Top Health Benefits of Massage to the Body

Massage therapy is a treatment approach that has gained immense popularity. It’s one of the most sought-after techniques for relaxation. It’s one of the ways people get to pamper themselves. But there’s more to massage than what meets the eye. It’s good for the body’s overall health.

Massage in any form, may it be back massage, stone massage, or even through infinity massage chairs, can help maintain the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of people. Here are the top health benefits of massage therapy:

Lowers Stress Level

There’s no doubt that most people get massage therapy to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, especially after a long day’s work. Stress is a silent killer, and it’s important to cope with it through healthy means.

When the body is under stress and tensed, it produces unhealthy levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol has been linked to weight gain, digestive problems, headaches, and sleep problems. Massage can help reduce cortisol levels in the body, which can promote relaxation, less stress, and an improved mood.

Boosts Energy

Massage has been shown to increase a person’s energy levels. It can also stimulate one’s mental status, increasing focus and concentration. The therapy is recommended for people with fatigue or extreme tiredness. It can boost energy levels and, at the same time, promote relaxation.

Relieves Anxiety

Massage isn’t just for the body but the soul, too. Anxiety and other lifestyle and stress-related mental disorders are affecting millions of people across the globe. People with anxiety may have random bouts, affecting their daily lives. One way to relieve anxiety is through massage therapy. Regular massage sessions can help them relax and manage stress better.

Stimulates Circulation

One of massage’s main purpose is to promote the circulation of both blood and lymph due to gentle stretching. Proper circulation brings increased oxygen supply to damaged and tensed muscles, promoting healing. Aside from that, improved circulation can help the blood move through the different areas of the body. Hence, it helps circulate the blood, promoting good heart health. Massage isn’t just for the circulatory system but also the lymphatic system. It improves lymph fluid circulation, which removes waste products from the muscles and internal organs.

Boosts Immunity

Woman getting a massage

People who are stressed and have high cortisol levels are at a heightened risk of getting ill. Stress, combined with sleep problems, poor nutrition, and depression, can affect one’s health. One of the consequences of stress is a higher risk of acquiring diseases caused by pathogens. Regular massage sessions can help boost the immune system’s activity, thus having the ability to fight infections.

Massage was once just an alternative treatment or a go-to for people who feel stressed. Now, it has been dubbed as one of the major treatments that can be done to patients with a wide range of diseases. Massage has come a long way, and it’s important to know its benefits for the body. This way, people will have the habit of getting regular massage sessions for a healthier mind and body.

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