What You Need to Know Before Installing a Fireplace

A fireplace is one of the most staple home fixtures, especially for those who live in cold locations. It provides warmth and ambiance in any home. It is also a great time to cuddle with a loved one near the fireplace for a romantic wine night while sitting on a plush carpet. Nonetheless, a fireplace is a beautiful and warming fixture that every home should have.

Among popular fireplaces are ones powered by either wood or gas. Wood to gas conversion is available for your current furnace. But first, which among the two types of fireplaces should you have?

Wood vs. Gas Fireplaces: Pros and Cons

Fireplaces are considered luxury back in the days. Nowadays, it is an essential part of a house. For many household owners like you, it’s either you have a wood or gas-powered fireplace. For one thing, each option has pros and cons. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a fireplace for your home:

1. Wood fireplace

On one hand, this is a classic type of furnace that everyone, even our grandparents, is accustomed to. It creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that goes well in any room. For a lot of people, the sound and smell of burning wood can somehow be relaxing and comfortable. On the downside, it might take some time to prepare wood for burning. It can also produce smoke, which is not good for those with asthma.

2. Gas fireplace

Meanwhile, gas fireplaces do not produce a smoky smell. However, they can provide that same ambiance and warmth as wood fireplaces. Gas furnaces are also easier to install and more affordable than wood fireplaces. Plus, you can choose from tradition to modern-looking designs. However, you need to have a gas line to make one work. The glass doors can also get hot, so make sure to keep young children and pets stay away from your fireplace.

So you want an outdoor fireplace?

Outdoor fireplace at night

Nowadays, fireplaces can also be installed outdoors. It can work best if you have a patio area where you can eat together and relax under the stars. However, you should also consider the following things if you want to have an outdoor fireplace:

1. Purpose

Ask yourself why you want to have an outdoor fireplace. Do you want a romantic and cozy spot to spend time with your loved one? Are you going to use it for your outdoor kitchen and entertain your guests?

2. Design

You should also consider what the fireplace will look like. For one thing, it should complement your home’s architectural design. If you have a ranch-style house, you should have a fireplace that looks similar to it.

3. Material

Fireplace materials range from brick to concrete, stone, and steel. It depends on your preference or whether you want it matched to your home’s overall look.

4. Cost

There are fireplace kits available and ready for assembly. On the other hand, you can hire professional masonry companies to help you build a customized fireplace.

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