Walk-in Tub Accessories for the Best Bathing Experience

For the elderly and people with disabilities, bathing is a challenging task they would love to be done with as quickly as possible. Several modifications can make the bathroom safer and easier to use. You can go down the DIY route as it seems an inexpensive, practical choice. But if not done right, bathroom modifications can do the opposite and compromise the safety of your loved one with limited mobility.

Fortunately, you now have an inexpensive solution for making bath times easy and safe for your loved one. Walk-in tubs are designed for the elderly and those with mobility problems. These tubs have doors that open outwards or inwards for the user to walk in and out of them easily. The door eliminates the need to raise a leg over a ledge to get into the tub.

The walk-in tub does its job keeping your loved one safe in the bathroom, but it can do more than that. With a few accessories, it can provide users the most luxurious bathing experience. The following are a few accessories that can help enhance your loved one’s bath experience when using a walk-in tub.

Air and Water Jets

Walk-in tubs can also be used for hydromassage therapy for sore muscles. The jets used for these are water or air jets. Air jets have motions that are less abrasive compared to water jets. They work well in combination with bath salts and oils, especially for those aiming for aromatherapeutic benefits. Water jets for hydrotherapy alleviate pain and aches often associated with joint issues and physical injuries.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Because of some joint conditions and aging, people develop nerve damage and lose the ability to feel temperatures. They are, thus, at risk of getting burnt by hot water or shock from freezing water. To reduce these risks, it is essential to install a thermostatic mixing valve in the walk-in tub. This valve will limit and maintain the ideal water temperature to create a safe and comfortable bath environment. Most mixing valves maintain water temperatures at 80 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bathing Pillows and Seat Cushions

Woman relaxing

With a bath pillow, your elderly loved one can lean back and unwind in the bathtub while enjoying a steady massage stream or warm bath. The bathing pillows have a soft waterproof surface and come in several colors to match your bathroom décor. Seat cushions can alleviate back pain, and they have suctions that securely attach them to the seats.

Support Harness

Despite its ease of use, a walk-in tub might still be challenging for those who rely on caretakers and mobility aids. If you’re elderly loved one needs further help getting in and out of a walk-in tub, you can invest in a support harness. You can attach it on either side of the tub and behind the tub’s seat.

With these accessories, you can make the walk-in tub the most comfortable spot in your home for your elderly loved one. Thankfully, these accessories are surprisingly affordable. This is especially true when you buy them from the same supplier as your walk-in tub.

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