Types of Closures for Bottled Packaging

Product packaging nowadays is more than about getting your product to a consumer in one piece. It is also among the primary elements of marketing on store shelves. The decision to pick your product over a competitor’s is primarily based on how well your product appeals to a client.

As such, you should ensure that your product’s package paints your brand in the best possible light. Other than the colors, design, and material you use for packaging, you should also pay attention to the type of closure you pick.

packaging supplier in Utah will have different closure alternatives with varying levels of airtightness and containment depending on the product you package. What works to contain a solid, for example, might not work for liquids.

Moreover, people are also intent on choosing a closure that provides a hassle-free way to pour out a product. The following are your screw cap options in modern product packaging.

Flip-Top Caps

These resemble the flat caps used in single-use liquid containers. Flip-top caps, unlike the latter, however, only need to be flipped open rather than fully unscrewed. This not only makes the pouring of a liquid from your package clean but also makes the cap reusable.

Flip-top caps are the best choices for packaging ketchup, salad dressing and mayonnaise that people might want to pour out in interesting designs and use for an extended period.

Sports Caps

These should be twisted or pulled to discharge the contents of a bottle often in controlled amounts. Sports caps are generally used on plastic containers that can be squeezed to increase the flow of a liquid. They are commonly used for drinking water and energy drinks during exercising hence the name.

Press Top Caps

With these, a liquid or semi-liquid is released on an opposite side when a user presses one side of the bottle to release a cap. Press top caps are generally used for beauty products like shampoos, conditioners, body washes and lotions.

With them, you have optimal and convenient control over the product amount you use.

Trigger Sprays

These are primarily used in a range of household detergents, most notably window cleaners. Trigger sprays include a straw running to the bottom of a bottle with a liquid and a sprayer that produces mist when you press on the cap. This way, the trigger spray makes it easy to use the cleaning product.

Trigger sprays are also used for insecticides.

Bottle Stoppers and Corks

Bottled liquid soaps in factory

These are meant to create an airtight seal in a bottle. They are round caps that are pushed into the mouth of a bottle. Bottle stoppers and corks are famously used for wine bottles, and perfumes. They are made of plastic, glass, wood, and other materials depending on the level of elegance you want your product to exude.

Bottles are still the leading ones for the packaging of liquids and semi-liquid products. With the above options, your container will be the most popular pick on a store shelf. This is because the closures are easy to use and control and guarantee the future use of your bottle.

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