True Heroes: Raising a Generation that Appreciates Frontliners

It’s during a crisis that everyone sees the significance of people they often overlook or take for granted. Now, with the ongoing pandemic, society relies on law enforcers and health workers who are taking the front line to save lives.

Parents play a critical role in piquing children’s interest in these unsung heroes. They need support in good and bad times. One of the best ways to raise a generation that appreciates them is to encourage gratitude.

Give Back

No gift can repay the boldness of our frontliners as they confront the pandemic. But they can be a source of encouragement in these bleak times.

Others didn’t wait for situations like this to give back. A woman known as the Pizzelle Lady gave homemade cookies to her local police station for decades. Coles Supermarket donated millions-worth of gift cards to firefighters for the Australian bushfire.

It doesn’t matter if your gift ideas for firefighters and police officers consist of cookies or groceries. It’s the act of showing appreciation that matters and deepens children’s respect for them.

Giving improves social interactions by promoting trust and camaraderie. It’s also a contagious attitude that their friends and classmates can pick up. A giving community is a healthy one, and there’s no better place to raise children.


Follow Them on Social Media

Private and government organizations have social media accounts, too. It keeps them connected to the public, especially in critical situations. Following these accounts is an effective way for children to show their support.

Like and share their posts. Drop comments here and there to engage them. Did you have a positive experience with a nurse, soldier, or traffic enforcer? Post it on their account to let them and everybody else know that they’re doing a good job.

Following them also spreads awareness of important health and safety concerns. You might learn about traffic alerts, crimes, and community events. Some even share the heroic acts they do on duty.

It’s a refreshing alternative to the entertainment content flooding your news feeds. Since social media is a part of everyday life, you can help your children develop healthy online habits early.

Volunteer Your Skills

Hospitals, fire departments, and other similar organizations provide opportunities for volunteer work. Police departments have programs to engage children and to familiarize them with the officers as well as their jobs. Hospitals offer volunteer work, too, for people without a medical background. You can assist elderly patients in menial tasks, read to patients, or perform clerical duties.

Letting your children experience these kinds of work educates them and opens their minds to new career opportunities. It also benefits them physically when they give their time and effort to a cause. Research suggests that volunteer work reduces stress, and this improves people’s health and longevity.

Remain Grateful

The abuse of free speech and social media makes it easy for children to forget the importance of gratitude. It’s your job to be a positive influence and expose them to the people whose bravery and sacrifice make a difference in the world.

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