Top Childproofing Hacks You Should Do Soon

Having kids at home can be nerve-wracking, especially since there are a thousand ways things can go wrong while you’re not looking.

The fact that unintentional injuries could cause child deaths all the more point to the fact that parents do have a lot of reasons to be cautious about the safety of their kids inside their homes.

The good news is that many unintentional injuries are perfectly preventable and parents are not at all helpless about them. By childproofing your home, you can avoid these potential injuries to your kids and lead a worry-free life.

Here are the top childproofing hacks that you should do soon to protect your children’s safety at home:

1. Remodel the bathroom.

Kids normally love to play inside the bathroom when they’re cleaning themselves or taking their poop and urine breaks. The fact is that you can’t be with them inside the bathroom all the time, so there’s always that chance that they could get injured or do something that would harm them.

One way to childproof your home is to do a bathroom remodeling project to make sure that your kids will be perfectly safe there each time. You can install safety latches on the bathroom drawers and cabinets where you store your cleaning materials like toilet bleach. You could also have toilet locks to avoid potential drowning. The electrical outlets should also have safety caps and outlet protectors while the shower heads and faucets should be fitted with anti-scalding devices.

2. Secure everything that could fall down.

Falling objects are another type of hazards that are prevalent in most homes. Bookshelves, furniture stands, television sets, lamp shades — these are just some of the common household items that children normally reach and could topple over them. The easy remedy for this safety risk is to secure everything that could fall and cause injuries to your kids. You could install railings, fix them onto walls or flooring, or place them high enough that children could not get their hands on them.

3. Familiarize yourself with high-risk areas and mitigate the risks they pose.


One of the best ways to childproof your home is to have an excellent awareness of the different high-risk areas so you can do the necessary mitigation measures to lower or get rid of those risks. These high-risk spots include your bathroom, kitchen, medicine cabinet, swimming pool, stairs, and areas where furniture pieces are located.

4. Install security cameras in strategic areas.

These days, nanny cams and other types of security cameras are an absolute must not just to keep an eye on intruders but also to monitor your kids even while you’re miles away from home. Hence, another childproofing hack you should do is to invest in a good home camera monitoring system that can be viewed remotely. You could install them in the high-risk areas mentioned above, as well as inside your kids’ rooms, the hallway, and outdoors where your kids play.

5. Keep toxic chemicals and items away from your child’s reach.

Toddlers are highly curious about a lot of things they see around them, and they are fond of putting all sorts of things inside their mouth. This is why a lot of kids get poisoned each year and find themselves in hospitals or worse, die in the process. Thus, you have to keep all toxic chemicals and household items away from you’re your kids. These include mothballs, bleach, prescription medicine, and alcohol.

Just follow these childproofing hacks and other mitigation measures to ensure your kids’ safety inside and outside your home.

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