Things Local Governments Can Do to Protect the Public Against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused mass panic from one state to another. Now, people from all over the world are forced to stay indoors. The economy is declining. Outnumbered healthcare professionals are struggling to keep themselves protected while caring for the infected. What can the government do to mitigate and delay the spread of the disease?

Getting through this testing time can be hard. But local governments are consistently finding ways to keep all people safe and help those who are already affected by COVID-19. Aside from keeping the public updated with the latest news and updates, what other steps can the government do to keep them safe during these challenging times?

Provide adequate information about the prevention of community-acquired COVID-19

The public needs to be well-informed of the things they can do to keep themselves safe. These include how to do proper handwashing and comply with the community quarantine. Everyone should learn how to practice proper social distancing and learn ways to keep themselves safe whenever there is a need for a member to run important errands.

Implement strict quarantine, isolation, and social distancing

Quarantine is for community members who are healthy but have already been exposed to the disease. Isolation is a measure used to keep those who are already infected away from healthy ones. As for social distancing, this aims to avoid the spread of the disease by keeping people at least six feet away from each other. Imposing travel restrictions also becomes a must. All these aim to the number of infected people from going up.

Provide enough facilities to contain the infected

Hospitals are running out of enough resources and equipment. We need more ways to accommodate more patients in the future. Some have already started building new facilities for the sick. Others are turning readily available buildings as isolation wards. Of course, all preventive measures should be taken into account, from waste management to disinfection of the new said facilities.

Each facility should have durable soil and waste pipe couplings to support the soil and vent systems. Proper disposable of hazardous waste should also be prioritized. It is also a must that aside from regular disinfection, all front-liners are to be given adequate PPE. This is to ensure that their safety is guarded before caring for the sick.

Defend the public from scams circulating during the pandemic

news updates of corona virus

Bad guys are on the move to trick innocent people amid the pandemic. Some are asking for donations to help different charities and COVID-19-related causes. Others are fooled to give out sensitive information that can lead to identity theft or them transferring their savings to a malicious account. The government is already trying their best to help keep the public vigilant against COVID-19-related scams. With the proper information and by letting the people know how to take extra precautions, the bad guys can remain unsuccessful in their deceitful plans.

There are lots of other measures the local government can take to protect its people during the COIVD-19 pandemic. But all efforts will go to waste if people keep treating the current medical crisis as a joke. If the government and everyone will go hand in hand, then we can flatten the curve and get through this the fastest way possible.

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