The Different Types of Apartment You Need to Know About

Building and owning a home is one of the many desires of most people. Although it isn’t impossible, achieving this life goal can be very challenging. In fact, most people don’t even see this as a primary goal, especially if they already have to deal with more significant struggles.

But just because you don’t have the budget to build or buy a home yet doesn’t mean you can’t live like you have one. Why not go for a rentable and affordable apartment instead? If you still can’t decide to buy a house, you can always get all inclusive apartments for rent in Richmond, VA.

But first, read this. There are different types that you can choose so you can definitely find one to suit your needs. Take a look at them below:

Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is a usual favorite when it comes to rentable housing. These types of apartments come with an open floor plan. Studio apartments are made up of a single room made up of the bedroom, kitchen spaces and living room.

A separate room for the complete bathroom should also be accessible. There are also two types under this category:

●       Convertible Studio – This is a studio apartment but more spacious. It’s usually recognizable because of the possibility of building a wall for the bedroom.

●       Alcove Studio – This studio apartment is the same as the regular one but comes with an L-partition. This is usually located in the living room.

Micro Apartment

These are the one-room type of apartments that are usually less than 350-square feet in measurement. These types of apartments come with a space for the bathroom, a sitting room, a kitchenette and a bedroom. Apartments like these are usually found in populated areas where rent prices are usually high.


Lofts apartments are a classier and more expensive choice to live in. It usually consists of a large, open room. It’s also recognizable because of the large and high windows. Some loft apartments also have exposed support beams.

This is often caused by the fact that most loft apartments are commercial buildings that were renovated.

Windows in attic

Duplex Apartment

These types of apartments are best for families. A duplex apartment comes with two units that are in the same building. If you go for a duplex apartment, the two apartments will have respective entrances. The living spaces for these apartments will usually be located downstairs or upstairs.

One thing for sure is that both of the apartments in a duplex are of similar size.

Triplex Apartment

A triplex apartment is like a duplex but with more units. All the three units are in one building but also comes with their own respective entrances. This also comes with multiple living rooms. All three apartment units share the same size.

Garden Apartment

Garden apartments are also a great choice if you’re looking for a place to call home. These types of apartments are basement or ground floor units. This usually comes with direct access leading to your very own outdoor space.

If you’re interested in this type of apartment, it’s best to take a look at it yourself before moving in. Make sure you pick one that’s suited for your needs and fits your budget.

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