The Biggest Reasons to Move to Clark

While Manila offers many experiences and opportunities to people, it’s also a very crowded city. That’s why many people have turned to the provinces and surrounding regions for alternative home spots. Getting a Clark lot for sale is increasingly becoming a very popular option for many. Once a former US airbase, to many, it has seen better years—but it still retains much to make it so appealing for many. If you’re considering getting a home in Clark, here are the best reasons to motivate you to do just that.


The reason that many people are loathe to move to the provinces is that Manila and its conveniences are very difficult to let go. Just two hours away via the speedy North Luzon Expressway, Clark allows many to still access all that Manila has to offer without needing to jostle with the packed population at the end of the day. This proximity offers one the sense of comfort that everything they’re familiar with is close by.


If you’re an expat, you’ll be happy to know that any Clark lot for sale is likely to be smack in the middle of a thriving expat community. These are mostly veterans from the hay day of the airbase who simply fell in love with the region. They have created a thriving expat community dedicated to providing support for their fellow expats. They’re a warm and friendly group that occasionally organizes get-togethers and parties for expats of any nationality.


Surprisingly enough, Clark is starting to catch up to Manila in terms of what it has to offer. There are many resorts within the airbase itself like Mimosa and Fontana that offer quality rooms, top dining, and even swimming pools, sports centers, and casinos. These provide entertainment without being all too crowded. Apart from that, you can also rent airplanes and ultralights for skybound adventures as the airport is home to many flying and gliding clubs.


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While the biggest malls remain those in Manila, Clark is not far behind. SM Clark has been around for many years and offers all that you would expect in a mall. It does have wider, open spaces for many activities and unique dining experiences that are particular to Clark. Ayala has also opened a much larger mall on the outskirts of Clark that is proving to be just as comprehensive and jam-packed as most malls in the capital.


Finally, Clark is also home to a very competitive health care system that is centered in hospitals in the region. These are state of the art facilities that can handle any ailment or emergency. Again, they benefit greatly from not being too crowded. If that’s not enough, the area is also relatively under urbanized. This means that there are many spaces to commune with nature and get a breath of fresh air.

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of Manila but aren’t quite ready to give up the comforts of modern, urban living, Clark is a great consideration. Provided you find lots that are close to the most important parts of Clark, you can live a comfortable life. Clark has much to offer, and it’s looking to grow even more in the future.

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