Simple Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive

Buying a property is already a huge expense in and of itself. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a brand-new house or a fixer-upper. You will still need to shell out a considerable sum to acquire it.

Making home improvements, on the other hand, can be expensive or cheap depends on how you go about it. Most homeowners take on home improvement projects to add value to their property or to make it look more expensive, classy, and sophisticated.

Take a look at the home of a surgeon, an attorney, a CEO of a company, or even that of a celebrity. One thing they have in common is the luxurious feel of their abode.

Pulling off that type of look, however, need not be expensive. There are several ways to get the same feel yet spend a lot less.

1. Go for a more neutral look.

Neutral shades have always been timeless and classic. If you want your home to exude luxury, go for mostly neutral colors with your paint and fabrics. You can add an accent wall using a bolder color, but don’t overdo it. Similarly, for accessories and decor, try to go for a more streamlined and thematic look.

2. Fake it with faux built-ins.

Most luxurious homes have massive built-in shelves installed in them. You can fake it with a few tall bookcases lined up together against one of your bigger walls.

3. Increase your property’s curb appeal.

Make a great first impression with people by giving your home’s exterior some TLC. Give it a thorough cleaning and add some fresh yet inexpensive landscaping.

4. Add a backsplash made of tiles.

One great way of giving your kitchen a facelift that adds a touch of class is installing a tile backsplash. Choose to go with a more classic and stylish look instead of going the trendy and hip route.

5. Update your interiors with moldings.

Update your boring old walls with some molding to give it a luxuriously textured look. You can use narrow strips to get a picture-framing feel or crown moldings for an expensive look. Either way, adding moldings is a very inexpensive update that will go a long way.

6. Keep it clutter-free.

clean kitchen

One thing you will rarely find the homes of the rich and famous is clutter. Start by decluttering your home and getting rid of all your junk. Then take it a step further by organizing your home using additional storage space and streamlining your displayed decor.

7. Use gold.

A simple and inexpensive way to add a touch of luxury to your home is to buy a bottle of gold spray paint and touch up some pieces such as picture frames, vases, and trays.

8. Go for a classic and clean look with white bedsheets.

One of the things that make hotel rooms feel luxurious is their use of crisp white bedsheets and linens. Replace old blankets and pillowcases with clean white bed linen to make your space not only look elegant but brighter as well.

9. Install floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Make an area appear vertically spacious by installing curtains about two inches from the ceiling. Use long curtains and drapes — preferably made of light sheer fabric — so that they reach the floor. Trim the excess from the bottom to give your windows a nice and classy look.

10. Install recessed lighting.

Other than replacing outdated lighting around your house, get rid of boring ceilings by installing recessed lighting in certain areas to make the space visually pleasing and exciting.

Whether you wish to bring fresh updates to your home or put it on the market, you don’t need to spend as much to make it look luxurious. A little ingenuity goes a long way.

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