Simple Ways to Keep Your Workspace Spotless

Some people relieve stress by eating and drinking, listening to music, or meditating. But these are all internal methods of coping. All the strategies in the world won’t help if your environment is in disarray. One great way to reduce external stress is to keep the office clean.
That’s why many businesses invest in commercial cleaning services in Dallas. There are other ways to keep the clutter in your office to a minimum. Here are a few pointers for keeping your workspace spotless:

1. Don’t let the garbage pile up

Don’t wait until your trash can is full. Take out the trash at the beginning or end of the workday. Exposed waste can attract pests. And once you have pests, they can be challenging to get rid of. You also don’t want to wait for the trash can to smell, which will irritate your coworkers.

Get a covered trash can to hide the sight and smell of garbage. If possible, only throw dry waste into your bin. Food and other wet waste should only be thrown into restroom or breakroom trash cans.

2. Don’t eat at your desk

Eating at your desk is a disaster waiting to happen. You get crumbs all over your work things, and you risk spilling food and drink on company property. The food bits can also attract ants and other pests. Keep your workspace free of food and only eat in the breakroom.

3. Keep your paperwork organized

We all deal with paperwork every day. But they can also be a source of stress for some. Check your desk. How many stacks of paperwork do you have? Do you know what’s in them without checking? If the answers to the question are too many and no, then you have a problem.

If the paper clutter can’t be avoided, then find a way to organize them. Keeping all paper on a desk tray frees up space on your desk for other things. You can also attach pockets to your walls if there isn’t enough desk space.

4. Clean your desk often

Wipe down your desk every other day. Even if your office is tidy, dust will slowly build up, causing a problem for those with allergies and different sensitivities. Don’t forget to use a damp rag on your electronics as well. Dust and grime quickly accumulate on computers, telephones, and other devices. And turning your keyboard over and shaking it will dislodge a lot of dirt and debris stuck in the keys.

5. Organize messy cables

Nobody wants to work in an office full of tangled and disorganized cables. Cable concealers do a great job of hiding them in plain sight. But if that’s not possible, consider using velcro or zip ties to organize the cables.

Keeping the office clean can improve productivity and morale. You might not realize it, but dirty surroundings can translate to mental clutter.

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