Selling a Dream: The 4 Secrets to Successful Home Staging

Selling a home is like selling a dream. You’re not just putting a house on the market. You are also making somebody’s or a family’s dream of owning a new house come true. That dream however can easily turn into a nightmare when you stage the property wrong.

Remember that usually house hunters already have a list of things they want and don’t want when looking for a new home. So they will scrutinize every detail of the property you’re selling, and if you’re not careful with your home staging, they might end up losing their interest in buying your home, because it simply doesn’t match their expectations.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Here are some home staging ideas you can use to catch prospective buyers’ interest quickly.

Remove all personal items

The goal of home staging is to help buyers visualize themselves living in the space. They want to imagine how they would use a particular room or how can they make the interior design reflect their own taste and personality better.

One way to help them achieve that is by removing all personal items like framed photos or personal clutter you have at home. You can replace them instead with a vase of flowers or basket of fruits to add charm to the living space. Also, keep all clothes or shoes out of sight if you still have them at home.

Showcase the outdoor space

outdoor space

Be it the front yard or your back garden, you also need to highlight the best features of your property’s outdoor space. You can show how they can use the space when they finally move in. For example, put comfortable chairs and tables around the outdoor fire pit. Experts know that this can help prospective buyers visualize the things they can do with the space, like having family picnics or just lounging around.

Let the light in

Try to let as much light as you can into the house. Natural light can make room interiors look bigger and feel less confined. Plus, it vastly improves the aesthetics of the space. So on staging day, it would be good to open the blinds or the curtains.

But if you don’t have enough natural illumination, you can always turn on some lights, especially in rooms that hardly get any light. Another trick is to put mirrors to increase reflectivity as well as choosing lighter colors for the interiors.

Out with the old, in with the new

Finally, make sure to replace anything that needs replacing or at least fix them before the staging day. It’s also a smart move to add new plants and flowers just to add freshness. If there are unpleasant odors, you might want to use fragrance sprays or scented candles.

Home staging is all about planning and being prepared. After all, you’re not just presenting a property. You are showcasing a place that someday a family can live in; a place that they can call their own home.

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