Save The World While Cutting Business Costs

Running a business may seem incompatible with being earth-friendly, but modern technology changes that. Nowadays, there are methods and techniques available that can lower your business expenses greatly while allowing you to help out the environment. Here are some things you can do that will result in your company spending less while also helping save the planet.

Use Alternative Energy Sources

One of the biggest expenses that a company can have is their energy bill. In the past, many companies could do nothing about it. Power generation required a lot of infrastructure and fuel. But it is much different nowadays. This is where solar companies and other alternative energy businesses can help. Installing solar panels on your building can be a big help in reducing your energy bill. Combine it with smarter energy use, and you can cut down your dependence on grid power by a lot. You can then use the savings for further investments in your company.

Be Selective About Office Supplies

Another business expense that you can reduce with an environmentally-friendly approach is office supplies. Your company probably spends hundreds of dollars a year on paper products. Businesses produce a lot of paperwork, and that can get expensive. However, modern technology is here to help out again. Your company can go paperless by using the cloud. Instead of printing documents, you can then choose to digitize all your paperwork. With the cloud, you don’t need to print things out. Employees can access the documents online with a few clicks. The only time you need to print something is for external use.

Choose to use reusable products for most of your operations. A common and useful product is a shopping bag. You can use this again and again, without needing to replace it.

Smart Water Management

Water is a basic resource that many companies use. Whether it is for manufacturing or simple drinking, being smart about water usage can help reduce another utility expense. A simple solution is to use more water-efficient equipment. Whether it is a water pump or sprinkler, there is always a more efficient model out there. Changing your equipment to these can reduce their dependence on water. You should also change the various fixtures in the office. Instead of normal faucets and toilets, low-flow versions are a better choice.

Reusing and Recycling


Another way to be eco-friendly while also lowering expenses is to reduce the amount of waste your company produces by reusing and recycling. They may sound similar, but they are very different. Reusing materials and items is the direct usage of something again. For example, if you have materials or components that you can use multiple times instead of just once, then you should do so. This allows you to get full value from your purchases. Eliminating disposable products in your office can also help. Paper cups for your cafeteria are a wasteful expense. Have your employees bring cups and glasses from home.

As for recycling, you can get more value from some of your office supplies by sending them off for recycling. There are several of them that are a favorite of recycling companies. This includes paper, cardboard, ink cartridges, and even computers.

Energy Efficiency

Increasing the energy efficiency of your office can also help lower your energy expenses. The first thing that you should do is to have an energy audit of your office. It should be easy to find an energy audit company to look at your set-up. They will then find the largest consumers of electricity in your office so you can make changes.

Two of the biggest energy drainers are lights and computers. For the lighting in your office, you can change your current lights to LEDs. These can cut down your lighting costs by 75 percent. As for computers, skip out on the desktops. Laptops are a better choice when it comes to energy. They consume less electricity, and your employees can use them on their batteries.

Another part of your smart energy usage is to be smart about your heating and cooling. Maintaining a comfortable temperature at the office can be expensive. Installing a smart thermostat ensures that you don’t heat or cool your office too much.

Making a profit is the main feature of many businesses. But this does not mean that you should focus on that above all else. Other concerns like the environment and society at large should also be on your mind when you run your business. By going green, you hit two birds with one stone.

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