Retail Therapy as Stress Reliever

When we find ourselves in situations or environments that prompt adjustment, the reaction that our body produces is what we know as stress. Stress can take numerous forms, notably physical, emotional, or mental.

Stress is part and parcel of our daily lives. Many of us know it in the form of eustress or healthy stress. This is the sensation that keeps us rejuvenated, happy about living and excited about certain things that we come across.

Unfortunately, stress is not always good, as we have come to realise as we age. Growing up, we familiarise ourselves with distress as we take on more responsibilities.

It is unhealthy

Unhealthy stress manifests in times when we find ourselves overwhelmed with the gravity of our duties.

In fact, it was reported that one of the leading causes of stress is job pressure. On the case of unhealthy stress, it is described to be any form of strain that wears on us the longer we experience it.

Eventually, it will take a toll on our health, as science has long since determined.

It leads to diseases

Numerous studies conducted regarding stress have concluded that several disorders and diseases are caused by stress. Some notable examples are depression and anxiety, as well as heart problems and diabetes.

How retail therapy can help

Given these facts, experts have tirelessly advised the public on ways we can use to manage our stress levels properly. In recent times, more and more stress-alleviating activities have gained popularity, one of which is retail therapy.

Residents should understand that retail therapy isn’t just a petty excuse that women and men alike both use to fill up a shoe rack or a cabinet drawer in their Singapore homes. It’s been known to help people deal with their stress as well.

woman feeling distressed

Temper your desires

It should be noted that in times of distress and disarray, we have a predisposition to treat ourselves to pleasant things. Often, this predisposition manifests itself in the craving we get for sweets to uplift our spirits — something that countless movies and shows have already depicted.

It does not stop with food, however.

Many of us also feel stronger impulses to purchase things when we’re not in the best of moods. It’s a coping mechanism that has been proven to work.

Psychological benefits

Shopping provides not only material satisfaction but psychological benefits as well. The most common of which is the opportunity to escape from our stressors so that we can relax. Another is that it gives us a sense of control in terms of what we purchase or not, while also helping us deepen our bonds with the people whom we choose to go on shopping trips with.

We also benefit from retail therapy in the way it boosts how others perceive us. Our creativity and aesthetic sense are given the chance to bloom when we shop, effectively resulting in fashion choices that both work in both casual and professional settings.

Given all of these, we can gather that shopping truly is advantageous. However, like most things in life, the simple act of relieving stress through shopping can also backfire on us. It is an expensive endeavour, and while we should definitely treat ourselves to something nice once in a while.

We should also exercise caution and try not to spend too much money on things we don’t really need.

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