Renovation Points to Consider this Summer

When was the last time you gave your house a general check? For many of us, unless we encounter an inconvenience because of some broken part of the house, we don’t bother to have it upgraded or changed.

Unfortunately, many houses nowadays were not built to last for several decades. Plus, the worsening weather conditions—more volume of rain, colder winters, and hotter summers—have quickened the degradation of the building materials.

Rather than do patch-ups throughout the year, a one-time overhaul work is better. It might cost more, but in the end, you can get a better deal as a construction group will be doing everything as a package. Here are a few suggestions on what you could consider when planning for the renovations.


Roofs are vital to the comfort of a home. However, they are so often neglected, as they are not as visible as the rest of the house.

The most durable roofing material is, of course, the roof slates. Made of natural stones, they don’t erode easily as asphalt shingles. They are even fireproof and could outlast the building if properly cared for. However, they also happen to be the most expensive roofing material.

In the US, asphalt shingles are the most popular. They are easy to install, they are cheap, and they come in different colors and styles. However, when exposed to extreme weather conditions often, they deteriorate easily. If you have this kind of roof, be sure to have it checked and replaced if it has already been badly damaged.

The Porch

Next to the roof, the porch is always one of the most immediately battered because of its exposure to all elements all year round. It’s a good thing that porch repairs are often usually attended to as the porch is used for entertaining guests, and we spend a lot of time on it—reading, sunbathing, just enjoying the morning sun.

What you can do is add extra protection for it when you do a renovation. Your porch is most likely made of wood. If not protected, bugs and termites might attack it and cause it to weaken. Check out the best sprays in your locality and have it treated regularly.

Also, outdoor paints are not of the same quality. If you prefer a kind of paint just because it is cheaper, think of the long-term costs. Cheaper paint would mean you will need to replace it more often in the future. But if you do not have the budget right now, you can resort to this cheaper quality as any coating is still better than nothing and would protect the wood.


Carefully plan out your windows. By now, you would know the light and shadows in your home and the general direction of the breeze. Plan accordingly. Add more windows to spaces you want to add light to, as well as spaces that usually accumulate odors like kitchens and workshops.

The style of the windows should also be considered. Most of the modern designs have full glass window panes. But the French windows had been popular before. And so have jalousie windows. Check their advantages and disadvantages and what works for you. Some homes interestingly combine different styles of windows, but they have been artistically thought of.



The height of your ceilings can affect the ventilation of your home as well as its acoustics. High ceilings allow for a better movement of an indoor breeze, and double-high ceilings are popular for their aesthetics. But if the appropriate materials are not used, it could produce echoes.

In the past, the popcorn ceiling had been used to address the echoes. However, this is now seen as gaudy, cheap, and rushed — the technique does not need a careful application of paint. Popcorn textures have generally been limited to old-styled recording studios.

What you can do with a high-ceilinged room is to add decorative features to the ceiling so that it is no longer plain, and sound does not easily bounce back. You can also add the design to the walls to help sound get absorbed.


Finally, the overall aesthetics of your home includes your backyard. Consider getting your landscape done while it is still suitable to install and condition plants.

When thinking about the design, the functionality of the plants should also be considered. Do you want a part of your backyard screened from passersby for some outdoor garden parties? Do you want to be able to see right to your yard’s perimeters for fear of having intruders sneak into your house? It is great to work with plants instead of having to construct barriers with cement. Not only will you achieve your purpose, but you will also have better air around you.

Summer is the best time to do some home renovations, as there’s rarely a bad weather disruption. We know the economy is not that good now. But if you can afford to have the work done before the colder months come in, you will not only be preparing your house but also helping pump back money into the economy.

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