Renovation Fears and How to Conquer Them

A renovation project is a scary endeavor for most homeowners in Melbourne and almost every city. Finding the right professionals to do the work and finding reliable timber hardware stores that will give you the best deal can be tedious and intimidating.

Most of the time, what makes homeowners think twice about renovating their homes is not finances, but fear. Here are some of the reasons that keep families from giving their homes the needed makeover:

1. Fear of dodgy contractors

The fear of inviting the wrong contractors inside the house is one of the significant concerns of homeowners. Swindlers and crooks make headlines every day, which results in a bad image of other professionals in the building industry. Thus, homeowners find it very difficult to trust contractors for fear of being ripped off or scammed.

Yes, there is no guarantee that you will hire the most trustworthy contractor. But there are ways so you can stay clear from fly-by-night contractors whose goal is not to remodel your house but to scam your hard-earned dollars.

  • Ask a family member, friends, and colleagues who had a renovation project to give you recommendations.
  • Check your prospective contractor’s work background, previous projects, and licenses.
  • Verify the contractor’s insurance policy
  • Read online reviews and ask feedback from their previous clients
  • Decide on the renovation job that you want and get estimates


2. Fear of Disruptions

Another reason why homeowners are hesitant about renovation is their fear of unintended yet inconvenient disruptions. Of course, renovation works will cause interruptions, clutter, and noise, and there’s no escaping them.

While minor renovation takes a shorter time to finish, significant renovation projects would mean that you have to bear with the disruption for a long time. In this case, you need to arrange for temporary accommodation so that you don’t have to live with the mess and the unbearable noise.

3. Fear of Disappointment

Homeowners are often worried about not getting the value for their money. They fear that after spending a fortune in their attempts to make their homes more pleasing and comfortable, they will be shocked by the final result.

There are several stories of renovation disasters and defective works that caused homeowners significant financial losses. If you want to avoid disappointing results, it’s best to have an on-site supervisor to monitor every single detail of the renovation. It’s also essential that you hire a highly qualified professional who fully understands your vision and has a detailed work plan. Also, don’t compromise your home’s safety by purchasing low-quality materials.

4. Fear of hidden costs

Many homeowners are afraid that they will spend more than their proposed budget for the renovation. Renovation is a complex process, and there might be unexpected expenses due to accidental damages or changes in material costs. However, you can avoid surprising additional expenditures by avoiding last-minute changes to your original plan. There’s nothing wrong with being fickle-minded, but not during your home’s renovation. A small change in design in your built-in carpentry will affect its dimensions and cost you double in materials and labor.

Don’t let your fears hinder you from getting your dream home. Overcome these fears and transform your home remodeling into a happy investment.

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