Reasons to Make Your Home and Yard More Private

The concept of openness and airiness in homes is just getting increasingly popular, so a lot of homeowners and designers reject plenty of wall dividers, thick coverings, and basically everything that encloses a space and hinders natural light from passing through. Of course, nobody wants to reside in a home that feels boxed in, but people may be forgetting one thing that shouldn’t be compromised: privacy.

Prying eyes and Peeping Toms could be anywhere, and safe neighborhoods aren’t an exemption. While you don’t have to be paranoid and completely shut yourself off from everyone else, you should at least improve the privacy features around your property, including your yard. The more difficult you make it for shady neighbors, the less encouraged they’d be to pry.

Privacy Increases Safety

Locked doors and windows may protect you and your belongings enough, but closed curtains, shutters, or blinds will increase your safety. If closed window treatments feel suffocating for you, you should have high-quality privacy window film installed. With it, you may leave the window treatments drawn all day and bask in the natural light, while nosy neighbors only see themselves reflected on the glass surfaces.

Privacy is even more important when you have a child, or if you’re a woman living alone. Women and children tend to be the target of people with Voyeuristic disorder, or simply Peeping Toms. People affected with this condition don’t just simply peep because they’re intrigued, but possibly because they have other, darker intentions. What’s even more disturbing is that Peeping Toms may only realize their dangerous desires because you’ve unwittingly given them a glimpse of you changing, or your child undressing. Continued viewing encourages the behavior more, to the point where it may become pathological.

Hence, even if you shouldn’t be blamed for accidentally feeding a Peeping Tom’s fantasies, there’s nothing to lose with prevention. So check out all the open areas in your property, and implement privacy measures.

Ways to Make Your Property More Private

1. Make a Private Corner in Your Yard

If you have a hammock or a garden set in your yard, seclude that area with some trees to make a pocket. That way, you can obscure your neighbors’ view of you lounging or enjoying a cup of tea outside.

2. Install Lattice Fences

Lattice fences are excellent when you want to barricade your property without foregoing airiness. Adorn it with beautiful blooms or vines to make it look more inviting. (for welcome guests only, of course.)

3. Build Fences from Out-of-the-ordinary Materials

Instead of using iron or wood, consider something like plexiglass. It has a translucent surface, allowing light to pass through, while outsides aren’t afforded a clear view.

4. Install Privacy Screens on Balconies

On days or nights when you don’t feel safe being seen sitting out on your balcony, it would be reassuring to have privacy screens you can put down. They can also protect you from the harsh sun rays.

5. Window Treatments

Vinyl fence

Using window treatments don’t increase only your privacy but also the charm of your interior. Black-out curtains or cellular shades will be great if you have trouble sleeping in a sunlit room. If brightness isn’t an issue, you may go for shades, curtains, or a combination of both. And of course, don’t forget the privacy films.

With nosy neighbors and Peeping Toms out of the way, you’d feel more confident doing as you please inside your home and letting your kids roam around without worrying about predators spying on them. Burglars will also be deterred if they can’t see your valuables from your windows.

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