Quick Home Fixes: Here are the 3 Things You Never Thought You Needed


Before you proceed to renovate your home and give it an entirely new look, consider simple fixes and improvements that are more cost-efficient and easier to do. 


There's no need to spend more than you need when renovating a house. Start with the simplest way to upgrade your home's curb appeal. For instance, if you notice the hardwood floors need some fix, you can try looking for epoxy floor sealers in Utah that could make your old floors look new without spending too much.


If you have outdated window treatments, it's as easy as buying a new curtain rod and changing up your curtains in each room to experience an ambiance shift. Lastly, lighting plays a big part in modifying how your home feels. If you have harsh, white lights, then perhaps changing the bulbs into warm yellows help keep it homey. It pays to be a do-it-yourself sometimes, but if you're too fussed about doing your research and going to your local hardware store to get some supplies, you can always hire contractors for a one-day project—still less expensive than redoing your entire home from the ground up. 


Read more about these three things that you can fix to give your indoors a facelift.


Upgrade your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors can be tricky at times: boards tend to lose its placing, floor sealants come off, and their shine fades eventually through time. The great thing about them is that they're fixable, and you don't need to call your local handyman to change them up. More often than not, they need to have a new sealant, as well as a topcoat to finish it off and make them look new again.


There are a lot of online resources regarding floor sealant application and where to get them, so the need to panic and where to get a contractor to do the job can be eliminated. Make sure that you're well-equipped and prepared to do the work. You need the right sealant for indoor flooring and get a mask prepared. 


Some sealants—particularly polyurethane—are quite toxic, and you need protection if you're sensitive to these types of products. It's best to stay at a hotel or to visit relatives. Allowing the sealant to dry up overnight is the best way to ensure its longevity.


Upgrade Your Windows


You can upgrade your window treatments each season to keep the look of your home updated. Get curtains with brighter colors for summer, muted palettes for spring, and warm, bold tones for autumn through winter. If you're sporting a curtainless window, you can apply varnish or repaint the panes to give it a new look. You can also display succulents against the window sill to make it homier. It's simply a matter of editing to get yourself started with home decorating. 


Improve Your Lighting Fixtures


It's probably about time you've replaced your old bulbs and get more energy-efficient LEDs. Not only are they more cost-efficient, but they can play up how each room feels. For the children's room, you can add a night lamp, for instance, that changes colors at night. For the living area, warm yellow lights are best to keep it homey. If your budget suits you, you can have adjustable or dimmable lights installed so you can easily change up the lighting depending on your mood. Lighting always does wonders, no matter how simple of a change it is.



Changing up the look of your indoors is a great way to keep your home—your forever home. Not only do you prolong the shelf life of some indoor elements, but it also allows you to shift things around under a budget that doesn't break the bank.

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