Must-See Tourist Spots in Sanford, Florida

Florida enjoys the nickname “Sunshine State” for good reason. It is known for its long and warm summers with very mild and cool winters. It has plenty of beaches, golf courses and tons of water activities.

SeaWorld and Disney World in Orlando see tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. This brings tourists not just to Orlando but nearby towns and cities as well.

Sanford, for one, sits between Orlando’s attractions and the famous beaches of Daytona Beach. It is home to 19th-century buildings, charming waterfronts, quaint shops and restaurants, as well as the Auto Train. All of these landmarks are well maintained by commercial landscaping service providers in Sanford, who make tourist spots truly picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy.

Here are some areas of interest you should not miss.

Seminole County

The Seminole Indians are Native American people and originally resided in Florida. To celebrate their culture and independence, they formed Seminole county with the seat and largest city being Sanford. The county is more than just a tourist center. It is here where the leaders discuss all issues and concerns in the Seminole community, including their businesses and enterprises.

Of course, there are museums and sites where visitors can learn about their heritage and culture. They also offer a peek at their traditional life. It is a good way to teach children history as well as respect and tolerance for diversity.

Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Take a walk on the wild side by visiting the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Here, kids can see animals from all over the world, including exotic birds and insects. The zoo also prides itself in having the largest collection of reptiles in the southeast.

You can have hours of fun here since the zoo has live animal encounters, petting areas, as well as lectures and live demonstrations. Other interesting areas are the Tropical Splash Playground and Animal Carousel. Children can also feed the giraffes and spend time with the rhinos.

The zoo and botanical gardens have sprawling grounds that are perfect for long, lazy walks. When you get tired, you can rest under the shade of countless trees in the garden.

Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center

young actress in a mouse costume

There is something for everyone in Sanford, Florida. It is a treat for nature lovers and history enthusiasts, as well. Now, if you are into theater and arts, you will surely appreciate a visit to the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center. This haven for the performing arts is a historic site.

It was formerly known as the Ritz Theater or the Helen Stairs Theatre. It was renamed after its benefactor, who gave generous donations to restore the theater to its full glory. There are regular productions here, which include Dream Girls and Dial M for Murder. The place is a remarkable sight at night when all the neon lights are lit up. It is a must see for all visitors.

You can plan your stay in Sanford ahead of time and book a hotel near the places you want to visit. You can enjoy great food, tour famous spots and take your time to relax. There is no need to hurry when you are in Sanford.

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