Moving In for the First Time: A Guide for Newlyweds

Waking up the morning after your big wedding is a truly unique experience. You’re still overwhelmed by all the feelings you had on that special day, and now you’re starting to think about you and your new spouse’s future together.

Now everything feels real; there’s no turning back, and you’re genuinely starting your lives together. The thought of moving in together into that new home here in St. George, Utah, with the love of your life can be very exhilarating.

But, of course, it can be a frightening thought, too, especially if you’re moving in together for the very first time.  So, whether you’re moving into a rental apartment or a new home, make sure to observe these things for a harmonious start to your married life:

Do the money talk

Love is important in any marriage, and so is money. It’s important for newlywed couples to establish proper management of the family budget early on for that wonderful start. This is a fundamental prerequisite towards a healthy married life.

This can be an indication of whether you’re bound to be wedded in bliss or face domestic troubles through the years. So, before all the bills start pouring in, gather around the dining table and discuss how you’re going to share all your financial responsibilities.

Decide which one of you will be responsible in managing your finances not based on who has better number skills but rather on who is more patient enough to handle money matters and keep the sources from running out. You can share the burden of fixing your monthly budget if you’re more comfortable with that setup.

Either way, it’s important to talk about this issue in advance so you can make adjustments to your spending habits.

Be open to making some compromises

Couple talking with a lawyer

Once all the wedding festivities are over, and you finally start sharing a roof together, it’s inevitable to experience some changes that might be a little difficult to adjust to at first. It’s not just about getting used to each other’s lifestyles, but also your new environment as well.

This is especially true if you decided to move to an entirely different state. The best way to prevent any of these surprises is to be open to these changes and tell yourself that everything will get better in the long run. Getting married and moving in together is a huge commitment.

Remember that the two of you will now share the same living space, and while it may seem romantic at first, they will come to a point in your relationship where you’ll want to have your own personal space. This is not just to avoid feeling suffocated, but also for each of you to have a place where you can do some thinking and enjoy a hobby.

Here’s another common topic of argument for newlyweds: differences in decorating styles. Of course, you’re both excited to decorate your new home, But, if you both have different visions of how you want your shared living space to look like, this can lead to small, futile arguments.

So, be ready to make some compromise and allow each other to show your creativity and individuality even if you’re now living as “one.”

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