Moving Cross Country Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you are doing it for work, family, or simply heeding the call to start anew somewhere far away, moving across the country can take a toll on your wellbeing and finances. But it does not always have to be that way. Try these tips to have more peace of mind and a better budget for your big move.

Choose your movers wisely

Start contacting long distance moving companies once you have established your moving plans and schedule. When you are doing your research on van line companies, check the reviews from their former clients to get an idea on what to expect. Keep in mind that a big company name does not necessarily mean that they provide excellent services.

Get estimates from at least three different companies and schedule them as early as you could. Do not fall for those that offer a free estimate over the phone, as they should send someone to your place to appropriately estimate the cost of your move. To help your movers get a more accurate estimate, you need to prepare your home properly.

Know which things are replaceable

You may have grown to be comfortable with your current furniture, and are probably attached to most of your stuff, but you should recognize that a lot of them are not worth moving anyway. The vast majority of your belongings is replaceable. Moving old stuff all the way across the country may cost just as much as buying something similar once you get to your new home.

Bulky items like electronics and furniture are too expensive to move, and if you have been using them for many years, you can use an upgrade in your new place.

Sell the biggest stuff

moving furniture

If there are certain pieces that you absolutely love, you should figure out how to bring it and be ready to pay extra for them. As for the rest, put them up for sale online or at a yard sale, whichever you prefer — although a yard sale may not be as convenient, especially if you are short on time — or you can even do both at the same time.

If you want to sell them off at maximum value online, list the stuff a few weeks before your move to give buyers some time to find it. If the money matters less to you than getting the stuff out of the way, lowball yourself as far as you can, and you’re sure to get dozens of inquiries in just a few hours.

Throw a giveaway party

While you are packing up, you might discover some weird items that are definitely not worth moving and cannot be not donated, but still seems wrong to simply throw away. Throw a party for your friends to take these items off your hands. You can invite them over to get whatever they wanted for free, or gift specific items to each of them. In exchange, they should come over with food and drinks for everyone.

Donate the rest

Most charities only accept certain things, so this step takes some research. Check their website or call them first to ask what items you can donate, before delivering all the stuff to them.

These tips let you minimize the amount of stuff to move, so you won’t have to pay the moving company more than you should. By filtering your belongings this way, you get a fresh start across the country only with everything that matters.

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