Manly Hobbies: 20 Interesting Activities That Are Worth Your Time

Every man needs an avenue to distract them from their humdrum routines and an outlet to keep things exciting. Boredom is such a great enemy, but there are many ways to defeat it.

20 Manly Hobbies for Any Man

1. Car Restoration

Men have always been inclined to fixing things and putting them together. Car restoration is the perfect outlet for the problem-solver in any man,

2. Carpentry


There’s something about doing woodwork that’s interesting and fun. You get to work with all fun tools and come up with useful stuff — most of the time, that is.

3. Metalworking

If you have always been fascinated by metalwork and sculptures, this is the thing for you. You can use scrap metal from junkyards or buy new ones from stainless steel tube suppliers.

4. Dance

For the more musically-inclined men, dancing is a fun way to pass time and get exercise.

5. Parkour and Freerunning

Adrenaline junkies will have a blast with parkour and freerunning. Think of it as just an obstacle course, only this time, your playgrounds are the streets and neighborhoods.

6. Collecting

Coins, guns, comic books, toys, memorabilia, whatever floats your boat, collecting is a fun hobby a lot of men are into.

7. Hiking

There’s just something exhilarating in being one with nature. Hiking allows you to enjoy all the good stuff nature has to offer and time away from the stresses of city life.

8. Weightlifting


Exercise is always a good thing, even as a hobby. Hit the gym and start pumping iron to get that Olympian physique you have always wanted.

9. Grilling

Man and food have always been a terrific tandem. Ask any man. Learning how to prepare and cook food makes you an asset to any party. It’s also a big hit to the ladies.

10. Marksmanship

Whether you’re working with firearms of a bow-and-arrow, marksmanship is a great outlet for men to work on their focus and concentration.

11. Hunting

Hunting is an art that can only be mastered with constant practice. It builds patience and reinforces strategic thinking.

12. Geocaching

Geocaching is just a digital, grown-up version of scavenger hunt where adults go looking for treasure using their GPS devices. Give it a try sometime. It’s fun.

13. Scale Model Building

For the more patient and artistic folks, scale model building is an exciting thing to do. Some folks prefer sticking to just one scale while others like the challenge of delving into several scales.

14. Leather Working

While learning how to work with leather will cost time and money, all you need are your smarts, your hands, and some good quality leather. Leathercrafting will never go out of style.

15. Survival Prepping

One of the real tests of manhood is pitting your wits against the elements with minimal aid from modern conveniences.

16. Motorcycling

Getting on a hog and taking it out for a spin with your boys make for a pretty fun weekend activity. Simply make sure you have your safety gear on before going for a ride.

17. Airsoft or Paintball

While these hobbies will initially cost you (gear, equipment, and space rentals), they are good activities to get enough exercise and learn the value of teamwork and strategy.

18. Rock Climbing

Other than improving your physical strength, rock climbing also helps you assess your immediate surroundings, keep a close eye on details, and come up with effective plans to conquer the challenges.

19. Photography

Whether you use sophisticated equipment or your smartphone, photography is a great way to improve your attention to detail. Plus, it’s one of those hobbies that could bring you additional income if you get good enough.

20. Home Brewing

What could be better than making your own beer at home? Need we say more?

Having a hobby helps a man recharge and refocus. Simply make sure your hobbies do not take over your priorities at home and work.

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