Making Packing for Office Move Much More Efficient

Moving to a new office gives you that promise of a fresh start. It may feel like everything will be good and exciting. And it can be! However, you have to acknowledge the fact that things can be pretty messy and challenging at the start. Among the pains that you may experience is packing your office items.

This part of the moving process should be planned accordingly. Otherwise, you will end up experiencing stress and problems, such as missing or broken items. At this point, everyone in the company needs to be agile and nimble, especially if you are trying to beat the deadline (a.k.a the last day in your present office). If you are looking for some useful pointers, here are a few items you may wish to follow.

Sort, sort, sort

Being organized is one thing you should prioritize when packing your office items for the move. You do not want to lose something in the process, especially the most important ones. The first thing that you need to do is sort through the items. You have two categories: those you will still need in your new office and those that need to be discarded. At this point, you may wish to give away or auction off some items to get rid of them.

Pick the right supplies

Not all items need to be put in one kind of box. That is because some things are so heavy that they may damage the box, and some items are delicate that they may break in case you use think boxes. Generally, get sturdy cardboard boxes and, if possible, find waterproof ones—the type that has a wax coating or that are made of plastic. To make sorting and retrieval much more efficient, try to put items in clear or see-through boxes. For delicate items, do not forget to have packing paper and bubble wrap. It should be easy if you are working with moving or heavy haul trucking companies, as they may provide these supplies.

family inside the new house

Label things carefully

One important goal is to make item retrieval much more manageable. Easy retrieval will also make setting up the new office much more efficient. In this context, you will need to label the packed items and the boxes carefully. Be specific as much as possible, so that employees will not have to rummage through the boxes, thus causing mess and chaos.

Schedule the packing properly

Time is of the essence, so make sure that you have enough time to pack everything up. You may start a few months before the move by packing items piece by piece. If this is not possible, try packing things up over the weekend.

You can do it!

Moving to a new office is sure exciting. But before you get swept away by the thrill and promise of a fresh start, focus first on the tasks at hand. It would also be wise to encourage your team members to start packing the items that they own, thus reducing the burden of movers.

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