Make Memories With Your Kids That Will Last A Lifetime

It’s true what they say about raising kids. The days go by much faster than one would expect. One day they are wrapped up in blankets cooing at you, and the next, they are walking hunched up and listening to rock music. Many parents lament where have the years gone by, and where is my baby?

It’s a good thing that pictures can be readily stored in the best cloud photo storage of your choice. But what about the moments not captured on your camera? Well, those will be filed in your hearts and in your minds. Are you the parent of a young one right now? Make no mistake. The moment for making memories is right now. And if you’re unsure how to do that, then read on:

Be aware of how fast time flies. We tend to take the time we have with our little ones for granted and have a habit of putting off promises for tomorrow. Sometimes, that trip to the playground or the making of paper dolls ends up completely forgotten, even. We should start living like kids live, which is for the moment. They have no concept of time, no tomorrow, or next week. They enjoy and savor each moment, something that we should re-learn to do. After all, now really is all we have.

Loosen up a bit

Some parents have the illusion of control over their children, thinking that if they implemented strict guidelines on their kids, their kids would grow up better behaved or more like them. While guidance and proper care are expected from responsible parents, there is danger in trying to control every little thing about their growth. Remember that they are independent human beings, just smaller, and they will have their own tastes and ideas that will not necessarily align with yours.

The moment you let them be who they are and stop nagging and fussing over what you want for them, you will enjoy them like never before. And this is what makes truly great memories.

Playing with childrenPlay with them

One of the hardest things with trying to connect with a four-year-old is, well, you’re probably three decades older. The only way you will be able to comprehend him is if you enter his universe. Drop the “business dad” hat or the “housewife on duty” mom and step into his imagination. Dinosaurs? Flying carpets? Evil giants? You’re right there with him. It will take a while to get your rusty imagination to get running again, but once you immerse yourself in their world, you’ll find that it will get easier as time goes by. You will find even enjoy yourself in the world of make-believe if you can get that deadline out of your mind.

Remember that having children is a gift. Most of the time, we end up learning from them, and maybe that’s why they are here. We get too caught up in our worlds of meetings and schedules and deadlines that we forget how to enjoy life. The moment we start loosening up and letting ourselves be around our children, that is when truly magical moments and memories that will last a lifetime, happen.

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