Major Threats and Hazards that Truck Drivers Face

Truck driving is a risky profession. Most car-related deaths are associated with it, and truck drivers are also vulnerable to non-fatal injuries such as accidents. It is important to know about these hazards before going into this profession or if one is already in the profession. Knowing what these hazards are prepares drivers to deal with them, prevent them, and to take the right measures when something does happen. Here are some of the hazards that truck drivers are likely to face over the course of their careers:

Strains and slips

The physical hazards facing truck drivers are varied and can come from multiple sources. Other than the obvious threat of facing accidents on the road, there are a number of ways that truck drivers can get injured. They can suffer from strains and injuries from sitting behind the wheel for too long. Lifting, loading, and unloading can also cause injuries such as torn ligaments. It is common to slip and fall while carrying around the load. They can also develop severe and debilitating back problems from sitting in the same position for a long time in seats that are not built ergonomically.

Long-term exposure-related injuries

Sitting behind the wheel for hours out in the open can lead to increased exposure to UV rays. There is an increased risk of skin cancer among truck drivers. There are also health impacts of taking in carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other pollutants from being out in the road for too long. Sitting in a vehicle with high frequency vibrations can also cause health problems in some people.

It is also possible that being out in the heat and cold for too long can have negative effects on health. Many people can develop migraines and other headache-related problems from constantly being exposed to noise on the road. Truck drivers are also likely to suffer from obesity due to their inactive, sedentary lifestyles and lack of access to healthy food while on the road. Although talked about less often, trucking also takes an emotional toll from the long hours spent alone and isolated on the road.


driving truck loos its brake

These are the deadliest hazard that truck drivers are exposed to. Drivers on long-haul roads can be overworked and suffer from fatigue and distraction, which can cause collisions. This can mean road collisions with other vehicles, which can result in injury or fatality, or accidents related to hauling cargo or handling toxic materials. Carrying toxic cargo can result in spillage and accidental contact with the material. Lifting and loading heavy cargo mean that there is a chance of slipping and getting seriously injured by falling cargo. Regular maintenance of the vehicle can also expose drivers to toxic fumes or hot components that can lead to injury.

Sometimes, these risks and hazards are occupational. But most of the time, they are due to negligence on the part of companies. In cases of negligence, it is necessary to contact lawyers and file for claims. Lawyers expert in trucking issues in Washington can help you make claims or file lawsuits if you have suffered from injuries at work.

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