Look Around: The Importance of Nearby Places When You Buy a New Place

Talks about purchasing a home often revolve around its features, the layout, the size of the kitchen, etc. It’s mostly about the structure and the house itself.

What others forget is that you’re not only moving into the house but also into the whole neighborhood. This is why a person’s lifestyle should correspond to the places that are nearby. When you come to think of it, the places surrounding the property should have more gravity to your decision because taking out mortgage loans and signing the documents.

“Location, Location, Location”

“Location” in real estate is quite subjective, and there are no set rules of what makes a good location. However, there are a few rules of thumb. For example, a property within the city is more expensive than another in a town. The possibilities of development would mean the value of the lot will increase in due time. These are details that you should be aware of when scouting for a new home.

Consequently, think about the places you would need to be near you. This dictates a lot about your daily commute or the amenities that are available for you. Aside from this, the location should fit your lifestyle, so look out for the places you could frequent.

Coffee Shops

If you’re one to work in a coffee shop or spend your afternoons hanging out in them, coffee shops should be on your list. It would be better if these coffee shops are small businesses owned by the people in the community. Because small businesses are much more rooted in the people, it would make it easier for you to connect with the community. When you’re new, asking their customer service about the information you need to know would be incredibly helpful.

woman at her own shop


Maybe you have a dog, and part of your routine is to let them play around and socialize with people. Maybe you love going to local events. Maybe you love a stroll in the park.

Keeping an eye on the public park will help you determine if you can do all these things. Consider asking about the rules of the park. Are pets allowed? Can you bike around? Do they hold community events? If there’s no one to ask, try visiting the location during the times you would usually frequent a park. Then, you can observe people’s activities and take cues from there.

Work or School

These are probably the two most important areas of someone’s routine. They’re the star of the show, determining the daily activities of a person. Most of all, they’re a requirement to go to every day–almost non-negotiable.

According to the 2019 Urban Mobility Report of Texas A&M Transportation Institute, people spend 54 hours in traffic annually. Furthermore, 49 percent of employees say they are late for work being stuck in traffic. Therefore, choosing a place that is near work or school is crucial to saving time, money, effort, and gas. It also prevents you from going crazy in the middle of traffic.

Looking for a new place to live in is a big decision. It also requires a lot of adjustments. To minimize the hassle, it’s best to look at the location of the property and see if it fits your everyday life.

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