Three Ways Modern Technology Can Level up Customer Experience

Whether you’re running a small- or large-scale business, there’s no denying that customer service is key to the success of any enterprise. It helps maintain the company’s relationship with customers and enhances brand image. But the quality of customer service can either make or break customer loyalty to the business. That’s why most companies are taking advantage of technology to improve customer service.

Today, modern technology is taking customer service to new heights by helping businesses become more responsive to inquiries, complaints, and other customer-related needs. Developments in real-time messaging, video calls, chatbots, self-service, and artificial intelligence (AI) brought opportunities in the day-to-day operations of customer service practitioners. One example is the IP-PBX phone solutions that ensure exceptional call quality to keep employees productive in terms of communication and collaboration.

While there are plenty of cutting-edge tools to support customer service teams, many businesses are still struggling to recognize the value of technology on customer care. In this fast-paced digital world, companies should completely abandon the traditional channels and opt for innovative solutions. This article will discuss how technology can help companies stay on top of customer service and strategies to improve overall customer experience.

Enhance communication lines

Improvement of communication lines is likely one of the biggest benefits of technology to enhance customer experience. Before, customers can only contact customer care centers during work hours. As companies learn to utilize chatbots and AI technology, customers can now easily reach companies at any time and place through digital channels, such as email, social media platforms, live chat, and text messaging.

Despite the increasing features of chatbots, most businesses still rely on call centers since some customers still prefer to speak to actual customer representatives. This avenue shouldn’t be abandoned, but companies can supplement it with other digital tools to facilitate better communication.

When it comes to younger consumers, they often prefer text messaging and social media platforms such as Facebook when submitting questions and feedback to a business. Meanwhile, the older demographic prefers the familiarity of the human voice on the phone.

To ensure quality customer service, businesses should provide a variety of communication channels to successfully cater to a wider consumer base and allow them to reach company representatives efficiently and quickly. It gives the customers the power of having multiple options, whether they want to follow up on email, provide feedback on Facebook, or submit additional data via live chat.

Respond and resolve customer issues

One of the major responsibilities of the customer service team is to address whatever problem the customer is facing. Technology can streamline this procedure by operationalizing feedback response and review. For instance, social media platforms offer countless ways to improve the customer service experience. It’s not just about getting a thousand of likes and followers, but offering accessible solutions to a wide variety of problems.

So when a customer reaches out to your page, they may expect a response from you right away. If they want to submit a question or want interaction, they will either post on the business’ Facebook page or send a private message on Instagram. In turn, companies that recognize customers’ actions and devote their customer service to respond to private messages are likely to increase customer loyalty than companies that ignore them.

As you interact with customers through social media, it’s important to observe online etiquette during customer interactions. Although technology made it easier for businesses to interact directly with their customers, they have to ensure these practices are done correctly to improve trust and credibility.

Keep customers updated

Another essential feature of maintaining professional customer service is keeping the customers informed and updated about the latest offerings in the business and niche market. Technology can make this possible by helping companies use a quicker way to update customers.

If there’s a website glitch or the phone lines aren’t working, a business can post updates on their Facebook or Twitter account to inform customers about the situation. Businesses can also use their website and social media platforms to promote a new product or service by uploading a photo or video. Instead of holding an actual product launch or installing a large billboard, businesses save on costs by relying on digital channels.

Customers appreciate it when businesses keep them engaged and informed about relevant information. This will improve brand transparency and customer’s willingness to trust your business.

Knowing how to incorporate the right technology solutions into your customer service initiatives is a win-win situation for both customers and businesses. Customers can easily express their feedback and sentiment to the brand, while companies can ensure better communication channels with their customers. As you learn the importance of technology on customer service, stay on the lookout for the latest developments to stay ahead of the competition.

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