Investing in the Alternative Hospitality Industry

When before the hospitality industry was dominated by big hotel chains, the broad industry has now come to accommodate a new breed of alternative enterprises.

Although a lot of five-star luxury restaurants are still housed in hotels, restaurants that appeal to the younger generations are all about the experience instead of high-brow meals. Taste is still a factor, but the taste doesn’t necessarily translate well in Instagram and Facebook posts. So homey picture-perfect bistros and cafes made it to bucket lists.

The major change happened in accommodations and lodgings, though. Travelers started to prefer getting the feel of living in places instead of passing through them as tourists. They started to prefer living in homes instead of hotels that more or less look the same wherever part of the world they may be. Because of this, people started to look at real estate investment not just as a long-term investment but as something that could return immediate profits.

But with the field now more open to a lot of interested players, how could you get an edge over the others? Here are the basics of what travelers look forward to in a vacation home. See where you could innovate and make yourself distinct from the rest.

Comfortable bed

The edge of luxury hotels over any average accommodation is their bed. It’s a pity that most who stay in these hotels are there for business matters and seldom spend time in bed. But their beds are the finest, with the most comfortable pillows and blankets.

It wouldn’t be too much to invest in a good bed for your vacation house. In this case, your clients would appreciate it better as they are there to experience living in a home. A home means they could get up any time of the day, laze around for as long as they want, and even just lounge around if they don’t feel like going out.

Clean bathroom with basic toiletries


The bathroom doesn’t have to flashy, but it has to be perfectly clean and gleaming, if possible. The bathroom is always a gauge for the cleanliness of the entire place. A single stain on the sink or the toilet bowl could turn off your clients. Maintain your bathroom regularly, even if you don’t have renters. Sometimes water leaves calcium stains, so make sure none of that mars your bathroom.

Kitchen with basic cooking utensils

Another important feature of your home should be a functioning kitchen. Your customers are not renting a house just so that they could order takeaways. They want to be able to cook their meals, be it to save or feel that they’re at home. It would be nice to leave some breakfast food for those staying for three or more days. You could leave a box of cereals, maybe some bread, eggs, and coffee too. They’d be very grateful and would recommend your place to their friends.

Unique recreational space

Now you think of what would make your home different from your clients’ homes. Although they would want to experience living in a house, they also want something unique about it. It could be an outdoor tub, a good library, a greenhouse, a game, and an entertainment room. It’s something that they couldn’t do if they’re back home. And that something would not only earn you a recommendation but might also make them come back.

Easy access

While some travelers love to get to know and chat with their hosts, some prefer anonymity. Offer options. You could invite guests who will be staying for more than three days a welcome dinner if they’re the kind who wants to know more about the place and you. For those who don’t, you could offer the pass key to your door.

Parking Space

Parking space wouldn’t be a problem if your home is in a suburb and you would usually have a big driveway. But if your place is in an urban area, secure priority-parking rights in a parking space near you for the convenience of your guests. Or you could make a deal with some nearby establishment to allow you to rent their parking space when you have guests.

Connect with tour agencies

This is an option that would benefit you, your guests, and tour operators. It would be convenient for your guests to book through you everything they plan to do while on vacation. For your part, you could negotiate with the operators to give you a good deal. And of course, for those agencies, it would mean business.

The entry of informal accommodations has not only shaken up the hotel giants. It has also changed the entire experience of traveling. As more options are available, more travelers are also exploring these alternatives. And despite the recent turn of events, this kind of business will only get stronger in the future.

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