Improving Your School’s Facilities: Things You Can Do

The environment where your students learn can significantly impact their education. If your school facilities are lackluster, it could decrease the student’s productivity and teacher retention. If you improve the school facilities, it can positively affect both your students and staff. Therefore, you should put your focus on upgrading your school’s facilities.

To help you out, here are a few ideas you can try.


Back in the day, most schools relied on natural lighting since electricity used to be expensive. However, with the rise of cheaper electricity, most schools utilize artificial lighting in their classrooms. Artificial light can negatively impact your students’ cognitive and academic performance.

In contrast, studies have shown that students who studied with natural light or under blue-enriched light bulbs were more productive. Other than the type of light you use, consider other factors, like if it is too harsh or dim, poor lighting can create a strain on the eyes and headaches.


Your students are full of energy. Therefore, you must offer a way for them to release their energy. Regular exercise can increase focus and improve memory. Plus, sports can motivate students to study more because most sports teams will require you to have good grades to stay on the team.

You should make sure that there are a variety of sports that your students can participate in. For instance, you can find a pickleball court contractor in Utah to help you build a new sports court in your school.

Control of Temperature

Something that affects the productivity and engagement levels for all ages is temperature. Your students may find it hard to focus on their classes if they feel too cold or hot in the classrooms. An ideal temperature range for most students would be anywhere from 68° to 74°F.

Ideally, your teachers have control of the temperature of their class. That way, it will be easier to maintain that temperature range.

Air Quality

Many students have asthma and allergies, and if the air quality in your school is poor, they will experience a lot of issues. If they feel like they have allergic or asthmatic symptoms, it can distract them from their studies and damage their health.

Additionally, if the ventilation system in your school is poor, it could be the reason allergens, viruses, and bacteria are spreading and causing your students to be sick frequently. Make sure you avoid indoor pollutants from items such as pesticides, cleaning products, adhesives, flooring materials, office equipment, etc.

Classroom Space and Size

empty classroom

A huge reason your students may be aggressive and distracted could be from an overcrowded classroom. It would be best if you made sure that there is an ample amount of space in your classroom to ensure you get increased student learning and engagement.

You may choose to make smaller learning centers and private study areas to reduce auditory and visual interruptions. These changes can cause significant and positive effects on your students’ outcomes.

If you want to make sure that your students’ are reaching their full educational potential, you must enhance their learning environment. You can make the school facilities better by following the tips above.

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