How to Keep Your Office Organized

Organizing your business in London involves more than just the process of tidying up stacks of papers and dusting off your desk and array of shelves. While the idea of organization should involve cleaning up, it is also crucial that you incorporate procedures and systems for the benefit of each aspect of your business. That way, your business grows ever more profitable and productive. Below are ideas gathered to help you keep your office organized and running smoothly:

Organize your computer

This is vital to the business owners who keep the bulk of their work stored in their computers. From experience, you’re probably well-aware that the cluttering of your desktop takes merely days to happen, with icons and file names becoming so disorganized that finding anything seems impossible. This gets in the way of your productivity, and your computer’s performance also struggles. Here are some things to consider to keep your computer organized:

  • Clean up your desktop. How you set up your desktop should depend on your work style, as what works for others may not necessarily work for you. The golden rule is to just keep your desktop spot-free. If you can, get rid of every icon instead of the trash bin. Keep in mind that those icons visible on your desktop are merely shortcuts, and not the applications themselves. You don’t have to have every shortcut decorating your desktop.
  • Update your software. Is your computer automatically updating your operating system? Good for you, then. If it doesn’t, check for updates regularly and decide if the new features are worth the upgrade. The key is to upgrade at least every year so that the security features remain intact. ​​
  • Back up your files as often as you can. According to a report by Blackblaze, one of two people loses their data every single year. You would not want to become part of the statistics, especially since much of your business depends on data stored. As part of organizing your computer, ensure that your backup files remain intact. Once or perhaps even twice a year, check your backup folders and see if everything is in there updated and stored safely

Manage documents and other papers

Unfortunately, paper is the biggest source of clutter in an office. From employee files, finance, and even mail, documents can pile up quickly and make a room seem stuffy and productivity-sapping. To organize your papers, try the ideas below:

Office station

  • Keep everything neatly piled in a designated area. If you have some sort of storage room, keep your papers stacked there. Get filing cabinets, label each accordingly, and you’re good to go.
  • For any future papers coming your way, try a mail system. You will get mail one way or another, so why not try installing pigeon hole units? They are effective and easy to use – any mail coming or being sent out can be tracked effectively.

Utilize productivity tools

But of course, the dawn of the digital era should not be taken for granted. Keeping your business going also means transcending to progress. In this case, progress comes with digital productivity tools that can help you stay organized:

  • Communication is key. Meetings are a basic ingredient to the business world, whether it be face-to-face, video chat, or phone meetings. Email is integral, too. Although Gmail proves to be a worthy contender, there are other applications such as Slack and Viber that can help you communicate with clients and employees even better.
  • Track your schedule. As the business owner, you may find your schedule mostly filled to the brim. It can be incredibly hard to keep track of events, especially if you rely only on your planner. Try utilizing applications that send you notifications, such as Calendly. You can even check your smartphone for any built-in applications.

​These tips are designed to keep your business organized more effectively, but remember that things can quickly get out of hand. Although change is necessary, make it more potent by making organization a normal part of your routine. Checking every two months will do, which is just enough to keep things remain as orderly as possible. That way, you will never worry about dealing with overwhelming clutter ever again.

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