How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

FBI data show that there are about 14,000 homes in Utah with burglar cases every year, costing homeowners more than $24 million. And mostly, thieves don’t even need to force their way inside, and they even have the guts and freedom to do it in broad daylight.

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your belongings, one can’t be too careful, and there are a lot of ways to establish the protection your home needs to prevent cases like this from happening further. Here are a few ways to keep the burglars away from victimizing your home:

Invest for an upgrade

You can always invest in safeguarding your home and reinforcing your doors, locks and hardware. If you’ve recently been a victim of a burglary case, then consider replacing your exterior doors, and have multiple locks on them for extra security. Always lock your windows as well.

But if you think it can easily break, then try calling for a few outside help and have your windows fenced or barred so no one can get in from it. Another means of forced entry can also come from your own garage doors.

Just like doors and windows, it’s very advised to keep them closed or upgrade them to a better and more secure quality. Garage doors here in Farmington, Utah,  are of high quality and very secure once you call up a really good company to obtain their services.

Find your weak points

It’s important to see where a thief can potentially break in your home. It’s best to survey all points and corners of your home, from inside and out. You might also want to take note of the belongings in your home that can be seen from the outside.

It’s advisable to keep anything expensive inside your home away from sinful and tempted eyes.

robber entering the house

Mark your territory

One excellent way to keep unwanted visitors off your home and property is to build a fence around it. Though some may see this as an advantage, because a family may want an open front and backyard, then it’s important to take note of the other things that can protect your home.

But if you don’t mind this, better check out the best and preferable fence to secure your property.

Don’t leave things outside

Pretty much self-explanatory with that one. Never leave things behind. It’s practically an open invitation for thieves to do what they’re best at. Leaving things like your kids’ bikes or toys out on the yard, or your barbecue grills on the side, or sometimes even your car in front, makes them easy targets to burglars and thieves.

If your house doesn’t have the luxury of owning a garage, it’s best to keep outdoor things stored in the backyard, basement or storage rooms you have. And if your property only offers street parking, then make sure always to lock your car and park in a well-lit area, or you can even invest in CCTV cameras for further security.

There’s really no limit on how to upgrade your home and have maximum security around it. You can always think of new ways to prevent burglars from breaking in. But it’s still best to practice your own routine of keeping your home safe.

Don’t ever forget the locks, keep the lights outside on, never leave anything outside unless you have no choice. And remember that home burglary is one of the most common crimes in Utah neighborhoods, so don’t ever forget to keep safe and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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