Give it a Spin: How Often is Laundry Day

As you grow old, you start to learn to fix the things around you. House chores become a routine and all of a sudden, you find yourself good at it at some point. But there are ways which can be dealt with easily if you just know-how.

Doing laundry isn’t like washing the dishes. While you think both are just about cleaning, it’s also about practicality. If in the dishes you set aside the greasy ones, in the laundry, however, putting aside to reuse some of them is advisable.

You don’t want to wastewater, time and money on regular laundry cleaning. Learning to organize and use your clothing efficiently saves you big time in all ways you can imagine.

After every use

For pieces that you use every day like panties, boxers, briefs and bikinis even should be washed right after wearing them. White shirts, camisoles, polos and other simple tees should also be washed every after use. Sweat, oil and odors are being sopped up by your shirt, especially if made of cotton.

Your gym clothes should likewise be cleaned after sweating off at the gym to prevent generating bacteria. For these, there are some same-day laundry services in your area if you need them right away.

After one to three uses

Unlike your undies and sportswear, some clothing can be worn again after every use. Leggings and yoga pants can be reused up to three uses, depending on the occasions you wore it for, of course.  Formal tops, dresses can be dry-cleaned after using them thrice, too.

After four uses

These are the clothes that you don’t usually wear but generally worn during cold or windy nights. Brassieres and pajamas are among the few clothing pieces you can use up to four uses. You can also hang up scarves and sweaters in your closet after worn.

Suits and coats can be worn every other day, assuming that you don’t sweat in it or do strenuous activities while wearing either. Another is your pair of jeans that can be worn at least four times depending on your activities. Washing jeans every after use will affect the color of the denim and can fade easily.

Since these items don’t usually get soaked in sweat, using them as you please is very much okay!

Once a season

coats in a rack

Outerwear like coats, vests and jackets are ideally washed once every season. Fold or cover them with plastic when stored. This way, you can avoid dirt and dust while they’re not in use. Upon using, you can have them dry cleaned yourself or bring them to a laundry service for better washing.

Clothes should be regularly washed and can be used again, depending on the occasion. Extending their use will damage the fibers caused by body oil and sweat. The longer the stain is set into your clothing, the harder it is to get rid of. That is why you shouldn’t let a pile of clothes sitting around your room.

Take responsibility to wash them yourself or bring it to your nearest laundry service. Remember that letting them at bay after use is fine as long as you know when to have them well-cleaned.

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