Getting the Best Value When Shopping for a New Car

Whether you are buying a car for the first time or replacing your trusty old wheels, there are a few tips you should know before you put money down on a new car. Completing your research on the car’s features, test driving the vehicle and ensuring it has essential safety features are just a few of the ways that you pick one of the best Audi cars for sale.

1. Buy a Car That Fits Your Needs and Lifestyle

Before you get to choose things like the colour of the car or trim options, you should establish that the vehicle fits your lifestyle.

Will the car fit in your garage or your driveway? Is the tight space you always end up in at the end of your street sufficient to park your new SUV? If you have small children, will their pushchairs fit in the boot and baby seat be a comfortable fit when transporting your entire family on a day out? Will you use the car for occasional supermarket runs, long journeys, or a daily commute to work?

Your dealer should offer a choice to ensure you pick a car that is right for you.

2. Try Before You Buy

A test drive is just as crucial for a new car as it is for a pre-owned vehicle. Buying the car is a significant financial decision, so you should bring your driving licence along with you to the dealership and try it out before you buy it.

This is especially important if you are undecided on a higher or lower-spec edition of the car. Taking it out for a spin could be the tiebreaker. Things like larger wheels, firmer suspension, or sports seats could dramatically alter the feel and handling of the car and only a test drive will show you what to expect.

3. Pick a Model That Holds its Value

A significant concern when buying a new car is how quickly it loses its value within the first two years of its life. Unsurprisingly, the slump in the car’s value with time is typically your highest single most considerable cost of ownership. Some models shed their value faster than others, so you get a lot less for the vehicle when you need to sell it on after a few years of use.

AutoCar magazine published a chart showing how popular car models hold their value. The comparison indicates that Audi cars for sale have the second-best resale value after 34,700 miles, beating the likes of VW, Ford, Lexus and BMW.

4. Get Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) if Possible

AEB is possibly the most critical innovation in automotive safety since the introduction of seatbelts. It is predicted to save tens of thousands of lives and avoid millions of injuries globally in the next decade. This safety technology scans the road ahead and automatically brakes the car if the driver does not respond to an imminent collision.

The Australasian New Car Assessment Programme (ANCAP) is pushing for mandatory installation of the technology in new cars in New Zealand, with its data indicating that AEB reduces crashes by more than 27%.

Visit a Dealership Offering the Best Deals on New Cars

Professional salesperson giving keys to new car owner

Before you visit a showroom to look at the cars available, you should carry out a bit of reconnaissance beforehand. This means searching for a dealership that allows you to look at their entire inventory of vehicles and the features available to help you narrow down to a few easy choices.

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