Five Rules to Survive Your College Dorm Life

Living in a college dorm is either going to be the best or worst experience in your life. It all depends on how you look at it, how you mingle with your fellow student tenants, and how good you are at following rules. Although it can be a tricky adjustment, dorm life is an awesome experience that you will remember long after those days are gone.

When you’re living in a dorm, you have a dorm supervisor you can contact for any concerns. The dorm may also be under strata building management. You have to know these things so that you can contact the appropriate person for any issues or concerns you may have about the amenities being provided in the dorm.

Once those logistics — filling up the paperwork and attending that first meeting — are all done, read up on these five rules on how to survive, enjoy, and thrive in a dorm setting:

Keep Noise at a Tolerable Level

Dorms differ on rules regarding noises. It is best to keep yours at a tolerable level even if you are having a mini-party inside your room. Most dorms will not permit loud music, especially during the exam season. Be mindful of your fellow tenants. Just because you are done with your exams doesn’t mean that all the others in the building are. In case you want to blast out music, keep it in your headphones or earphones.

Hang out in the Common Areas

Spend time in the common areas such as the lobby or the kitchen. At the very least, keep your door open, so others will know that you’re okay to mingle. If you’re a bit shy, this is the best way to get over your initial awkwardness. It is important to get along with your fellow tenants. You have only those few first weeks to make a lasting impression on the other residents of the building.

Set Rules with Your Roommates

college girl studying in her dormIt’s fun to have a roommate, especially if you will get along together. But throughout the weeks and the tension of school, the pressure will rise, and there could be disagreements along the way. To avoid this, set some ground rules and boundaries with them, so everything is crystal clear. For example, you are obliged to give each other notice when inviting friends over.

Host a Party

It doesn’t have to be a large and noisy party. It can be a pyjama party, and it can be held in the common living area. If there’s a large TV set there, you can invite people over to watch a horror flick and serve popcorn, chips, pizza, and cola. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it will be nice if you can organize things like these regularly. They will keep everyone acquainted.

Attend Meetings

Occasionally, you will be required to attend dorm meetings to discuss any issues and concerns you might have. Don’t forget to voice out your opinions if there is anything that you think the dorm manager should address. As a common courtesy, try to attend these meetings as long as they don’t interfere with your academic work.

The easiest way to enjoy your stay in a dorm room and not get into trouble is to follow the rules set by the building manager and the university or college. If you want to have a party and this is not allowed, go have it outside the dorm building. There are lots of places outside the building that will allow you to dance or sing. If the building disallows this, they must have a good reason.

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