Finding the Perfect Dining Chairs

The dining area is one of the most vital places in one’s home. It is where colourful banters are thrown across over delightful home-cooked meals. At times, it is also where you receive important guests. Sharing warmth through good food and good company is one of the best strengths of a household.

As the centre of attraction, it is but right that you rock your dining room area with the right elements. It is a nice thing that dining chairs here in Singapore are readily available for order online and they are offered in a wide range of different styles and designs.

It is simple and easy to find what you are looking for; as long as you are certain of what you want. So, how do you find the perfect dining chairs?

Look for the Right Size

The size of your dining chairs matters when you make a choice. The standard height for dining tables is about 30 inches. In that case, the standard seating height should be 18 inches, as it needs about 12 inches clearing between the top of the chair and the bottom of the table.

Enough legroom is required for your everyday comfort. That is the same thing to consider when thinking about how many chairs should you squeeze in around the table. As a rule of thumb, a 72-inch long table can comfortably seat six people while a 96-inch is for eight people and a 120-inch is for 10 people.

That depends, however, on how wide the chair is. Naturally, you must be able to add a few more seats if there’s a gathering and you are hosting for more than the table’s standard seating capacity. But on most days, you must follow the rule to enjoy everyday comfort.

Consider Comfort

Both the size and style of your dining chairs may define their comfort. So, when you choose according to comfortability, make sure you keep your dining table less crowded to give everyone enough elbow and legroom with some upholstered dining chairs. This is ideal if you like lingering after leisure meals.

Un-upholstered chairs may be easier to maintain, especially in terms of spills but they are not as comfortable to your bottoms as foamed ones. If you have a spacious dining area, you can enjoy the luxury of wide, upholstered armchairs to put around the table.

Mix and Match Style

Wooden Dining room table and chair

For aesthetic reasons, it is critical that you have an eye for detail when choosing your dining chair style and design. You have to match your chair with your table and make sure they complement the rest of the dining room area.

You could use different styles for the chairs and still make it look impressive as long as they are strategically chosen according to a certain scheme. You can at least employ two different finishes and styles that may be distinct at first sight but would also have something in common.

Finding the perfect dining chairs is very important to your dining area’s personality. You must choose wisely and take the most important factors into consideration to keep it impressive.

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